Friday, October 17, 2014

Ever-Abounding Energy :: Night Running with Humans

 I'm grateful. Running has been something, lately, I can do. My feet can move me places and fast enough speeds to hopefully physically exhaust myself.

The past few days, I've gotten wild shots of energy that make me (encourage me to) run around the house. Lots of it. It gets all bubbly and then I have to go (not to the bathroom).

The other day I took that energy and took it to run to B's house.

Another day, the energy didn't go away till late at night.

I woke up with it, cleaned the entire kitchen, and then started running around the house. Our house makes a loop in the lower layer so it was the perfect race track. After that, a friend came over and we walked 2.3 miles. 30 minutes after that, I left the home and walked up the steepest hill near me, 1.3 miles, to visit with L&D. There, I got to run around with Baby D.

I got home in the late evening, we watched a movie, and then I still had energy.

With a bit of convincing, I soon had with me, running in the rain at 10:45 at night, Luke, Daniel, and Alex. Our destination? The liquor store! 'cept we never went there. Well, we did, but we didn't need any

After our first few tenths of a mile, we came across a giant hill going downwards.

"Roll down it!" I declared.

Luke tried, but he tucked his hands down, so he didn't roll well.
I had a go and put my hands over my head and got some speed going.
It was raining and muddy and I had just thrown up apple pie onto the street. I don't recommend throwing up and then rolling down a steep hill in the rain.... or maybe I do.
Alex tried.
Daniel tried.

It was fun running with a crew of humans. It made me laugh and it felt really good. I generally run alone, but now I had company. It didn't feel like exercise. As Daniel commented, the next day, it felt like high school, running around town with your friends.

We took a detour through the cemetery, went down by Beach Road and ran by the fjord.
And then we made it to our destination.

Luke and Daniel each got a vitamin-water-thing and Daniel got some Good & Plenty and Shockers. We started running again and Alex was super keen on stopping. Normally I'd be a bit kinder, but back at home, he'd been making a bit of a fuss on how fit he was without encouragement.

We reached the bar and went in for a bit. Left. And then went back in. I saw my friend, N, there and she bought me a scotch so I stuck around for a bit longer until running home.

Back home, Nick, called and we talked for 46 minutes.
I met Nick back in April 2010. He's got five years on me and has been transitory since for quite a while. Our story-lines are totally different, but for the past year, have had similar flavors. Currently he's a nanny in LA.

Then, finally, I crashed.
Thank goodness.
Good night.

Thursday, October 16, 2014


This is month eight of no cell phone.

The report?
I like it.
It's nice.
That's also $400 saved.

I like not being able to be reached. I like keeping numbers written in a notebook and referencing the phone book a few times a week. Every call I've made, lately, has been after I looked up the number in the phone book.

In the city, I think they're super useful but, where I live, there's not really a huge use for them. In the city, it's pretty useful to be able to look up a bus schedule on the fly. It nice for checking if something is open when you're out.

But in towns like Bowen Island, Lopez Island, and Haines, you don't need it. If you want to get anywhere, you can stick out your thumb or walk or bike in any of those towns. You don't need a phone. Things work out fine. If you do need a phone while en route, chances are, there are phones in public places to use and folks with phones who'll lend you there's.

It's nice not having one. It's nice not constantly checking it to see if I got a text. It's nice to spend times with friends, never interrupted.

In case you were wondering, there has not yet been a moment when I've thought, "Gee, I really wish I had a phone." When I needed one, and it was urgent, I asked a stranger on the street.

I've learned that, for my lifestyle, I don't really need one. Not yet.
Someday I probably will, but not right now.
Maybe in a few months... but not right now.
They are useful tools, that is for sure, but I don't like how they're the absolute norm, now. I don't like how folks can't go long without checking it. I don't like how they're always listening for that sound and when they hear that sound, they pull the phone out of their pocket. Not all folks, but some folks. Some folks sometimes.

Note: I actually do have a phone. An $7 phone with a few minutes on it, pre-paid. It's always off and left in the glove compartment of my truck, left there just in case Tobbit breaks down on the highway. Just wanted to be honest. Currently, it's over a thousand miles away from me. Lovely thing.

Also just deactivated off of Facebook after 2-3 months logged on. I'm awful at managing it. I'm happier without it. Simple. It's been written about before.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014


Sometimes my body is [very] weird
and I start to think it's normal.

Then one day I look it up and learn there's a name for it.
How convenient.
It's nice to know other people go through the same things... especially the gross weird things.

Monday, October 13, 2014

Star Trek: TOS & 90° Glasses

Sometimes (not often), I consume a substance quickly (I had one beer and one scotch, nothing overboard, but enough to make me laugh) and then think it's a great idea to go online and go shopping.

In this situation, I really wanted a Star Trek hoodie so I could dress up like Data.
My first crush, as a kid, was on Data. I thought he was super cute.

Currently, I'm working on Star Trek: The Original Series.
It is wonderful.
Ha. Ha. Ha.

Just like that.

The other night, my housemate, Luke, asked if I wanted a salmon sandwich (I did!) and made one for me and then he, me, and Data watched two episodes. It was delightful.

In that uninhibited moment of shopping, I also bought a mug that lifes up, and these 90° glasses that make it so you can lay down and read a book without lifting up your arms or crinking up your neck. I also got a zombie doll for Pearl that can be torn into bits. She likes creepy toys.

Wednesday, October 8, 2014


Life is very math-y lately.
Wake up? Math.
Afternoon? Math.
Evening? Math.

And I like it.

A few weeks ago, I signed up for a math course on a whim. I had just attended Grandfather's memorial service and when they got to the part about him getting his master's, it struck a chord with me.

Lately, I've decided that I want to somehow obtain more bookish-knowledge. Last time I went to school was 2-3 years ago, long enough for a break and to miss it again.

I don't want to be academically frozen with the mind of a 21-year-old. When I think of the idea that all I might know in the future regarding math is what I know now, it's really disappointing, so I'm doing something about it.

It's terribly time consuming but wonderfully rewarding. Ever get the math high? Each time I get a problem right, it feels luxuriously delightful. When I get it wrong, I feel eager to try again and figure it out. If I don't get it and need to ask a question, it's still just as exciting as I discover the answer with another human talking me through it.

I don't regret this decision at all.

The only thing it'd done that isn't my favourite is I seem to always feel like I'm busy. You know that ol' school feeling of knowing you have work to do - that's always there. There's always something to be working on.

It certainly keeps me busy and antisocial. I try to get myself out of the house for social's-sake two times a week, maybe three. It's easy to stay at home because it's full of lovely people to hang out with and feel like I'm social.

Glad I'm in Haines. Glad I have maths to do.

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Fall Festival

One of my favourite social tracks in Haines is the homeschool-crowd. I feel honoured to have been welcomed in to their world. When the winter hits and my thoughts turn sour and dark, it's these families that I call up. There's a few of them that will, I know, go out of their way to pick me up and take me to their home and give me lots of hugs and tea. I know this because they have done this in the past. Some of them, if I don't show up for a few days, will call and ask where I've been. I am so grateful.

This morning I woke up with a call that there was a fall festival happening with the homeschool kids out the road. I was invited and told to wear warm clothes and wet boots, we'd be outside most of the time.

What happened out the road was beautiful. Indeed, it was just homeschoolers - and well over 30 of them running around, full speed and infectious chaos.

The kids got delightfully excited about three-legged races, scarecrow races, bean bag tosses, frisbee golf, leaf painting, capture the flag, bobbing for apples, and sack races. Even after the games were over, they would go back and play the same ones over and over again. As we were about to leave, Lil'L raced over to me and said, "Mägi! Want to do the scarecrow race with me?"

How could I resist. Soon, I was barefooted and preparing to run around in the grass with glee. For his game, there's a box of large clothes to throw on, then you race down to the cone and back, and try to strip down before your opponent.

Bobbing for apples was probably one of the most amusing events to watch the children attempt. See, this day was cold - frigid cold. The water was close to ice-cold and for anyone to stick there head in it for an extended period of time definitely took some guts. They would emerge sputtering, crying for a towel, and shaking off the brain freeze.

We were discouraged from spending too much time indoors, but when things got too nippy, there was the fire inside to warm up by and hot cider to sip on. At the end of the day, we all feasted on chili, au gratin potatoes, eggs, candied pecans, dried bananas, and anything else fit for a potluck.

It felt like a feast.
It was a feast.
It truly was a celebration of fall.

I was grateful to be in such a positive, encouraging environment. Five hours after arriving, the four folks I'd arrived with and I piled into the car with the post-excitement bounce.

Quite the day, eh?

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Farewell Dani & Pearl

Today, our household got severed and the ratio of women to men just tipped over dramatically (3 M to 3 W to 3 M to 1 W). Dani and Pearl are off on a Michigan adventure for just about a month.

While I'm going to miss them terribly, more than anything else, I'm excited.

Dani is originally from the Upper Peninsula of Michigan in this tiny town, much smaller than Haines. 327 people call it home.

She hasn't been there in years and, since then, a lot has happened. She now has a daughter and another one on the way (!!!) and has grown a lot as a human. I'm stoked that she gets to go reconnect with the humans she grew up with and let them get to know who she is now.

I met Dani back in 2012 during my first fall in Haines. I met her because of her vibrant hair and my impulsive desire to call out and greet people I want to meet. At that point, being a mom wasn't really even a topic of discussion. Adding a baby to the picture really turned things upside down, but certainly for the better.

It's an honour to be able to live under the same roof as this family - Dani, Nik, and Pearl. My friendship with them is very different from a lot of my other friendships. I don't exactly know how to put it or how to describe it - but I do know I'm grateful to have them in my life. They are who they are and I am who I am and we see each other for that and are ok with it. All three of them bring something different to the table and it wouldn't be complete if one of them was missing (although Nik is missing from these shots because he's at work).

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Summer Snapshots

This summer felt like summer.
It was summer, in full... if summer means barefeet, sundresses, and running about on rocks, and constant movement and waves of delight while taking the time to explore Lopez Island (and Patos Island).

During a shopping trip, I grabbed a disposable camera on a whim and snapped a few shots throughout the summer.

As you glance through them, here's a song to go with them. This was the song of the summer for no reason to do with the lyrics but for every reason to do with that bass line at the beginning.

Here they are:

There was a guy and his name was and is Sawyer. We nabbed the apples. We nabbed the tomatoes. We nabbed the squash. We nabbed the blueberries. We nabbed summer all up.

Hannah G. The myth, the legend, and the reason I ended up on Lopez Island in the first place. She's been of my dearest friends since I met her on September 16, 2011 (three years ago!). I love her a lot. A lot, a lot.
Once upon a time we sailed to Patos Island to be the keepers of the lighthouse for a wee bit.

One of many-a-tailgate party with Tobbit. This time it was with Harrison, of New Zealand, and Rebecca, of Everywhere.

This is where I most frequently parked Tobbit. When I had guests, they could stay in the cabin because Tobbit isn't so great for hosting guests.

The "I'm in Alaska" Update

View from a tree on the property of the fourth house I lived in in Haines
Yeah... the posts I've been posting are all correct, I'm back in Haines, Alaska.

If you don't know me well (or keep track of my history -- because who has time or energy for that?), I first came to Alaska with two river guides I met on the dance floor back in 2011. This will be my third autumn in Alaska since my first one in 2012. I love this town.

I live in Haines.
It's a wee town in Southeast Alaska near the tippy top of the armpit of Alaska on the deepest fjord in North America (and one of the deepest in the world world world). There are mountains all over and the largest bald eagle population (concentration) in the world. It's also full of a lot of people I absolutely adore and can't stand to be away from for too long.

I'm currently in the 8th living situation I've had up in the North.

I live with... Dani, Daniel, Luke, Nik, and Pearl.
Daniel, Nik, and Luke are brothers.
Nik is with Dani.
They have a one-year-old muppet named Pearl and she's going to be a big sister soon.

They didn't all used to live together. The giant moment of unison came on after their beloved family home burned down this past February, quite the tragedy - they built it themselves some 20+ years ago. So, back, last wintry-inspiring time. So now, they are all in the house together. There used to be more of them in there but they've since dispersed, a bit.

I'm grateful to have my own room that as four windows that open! Last winter I had a beautiful place to call home (in the back room of a shop in town), but it had no windows. Now, they're ever the luxury.

I currently have some jobs in town that will cover my basic living expenses. I am working for a beautiful homeschool family I know well and I'm also helping out another woman who lives near me.

While up here, I'm also taking a wack at school again as I prepare to finish up my studies. I'm in a math class through my old college and this takes up some 2-5 hours of time a week. I find it terribly satisfying.

If you wish to send me a letter, I can get mail that's addressed to...

M[insertsomethinghere] Hubert
General Delivery
Haines, AK
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