Sunday, June 28, 2009

[a quick note about deoderant]

I have been on the quest to find suitable deodorant. I am picky.

Picky about smell, feel, effectiveness, and if it goes on clear.
Many have failed the test. They smell gross. They go on whitish.. and I don't like that.

Today, Monica and I invested much money into some amazing deodorant. So much technology and research has gone into it. It's like the new cancer in amounts of research they have done.

Guess what... it's been proven at the hottest temperature ever recorded on Earth! So amazing! I am in love.

It is called Degree Absolute Protection for Men - Cool Rush.
It is not only a anti-perspirant, but a deodorant as well.
It will keep me from sweating while making me smell good and manly.

I am amazed - it responds to increases in adrenaline, releasing extra protection when I need it - so next time I save a falling baby, I will smell so good. Like a cool rush. Yum.

Also, there are 1.4 million Armor-Tech fragrance molecules in every use. I am impressed.

So, next time you see me, be sure to inhale and enjoy the scent coming from my armpits. Is that a nice man? No , it is I, Maggie, suffering in this unforgivable heat... but at least I've got protection.

Monday, June 22, 2009

[bus trip]

Odd sentiments towards buses, that's what I have.

There is something comforting about boarding a bus. With the bus, I simply have three things I need to know or have:

Where & when to board.
Bus fare.
Where to get off.

I just have to walk on, sit down, and relax. When I'm on the bus, I don't have to think about where I am going or if I'm late. The bus will get there when it does. I can read a book, take a nap, write letters.

Sitting in those seats can be quite relaxing.

Yes, riding the bus is something I enjoy (but I like trains even more).

Dustin Thomasson - Thank you for this. I used to ride busses all the time and was asked on a regular basis how I could relax on it and why I felt safe. Most times others feel the same way as you and over time, usually a short time you accept this and learn that everybody will just get along and nobody will disturb you should you want a nap. If the person next to you is too loud most times you can ask them to quiet down without too many difficulties.

All in all thank you Maggi for this. Nobody has ever brought this up. 

Hilary Waite oh how love the bus and the train. i wished i didn't live in duvall so i could take the bus more often

Tucker Cholvin - Everything in this is true. I wouldn't change a word.

Becky Shipe - i love riding buses too. i don't do it often enough. and i LOVE riding trains. it's like taking an airplane, but your ears don't pop which is the worst part of the voyage. and the whole you can't really get up and go anywhere once you take off thing. trains may be slower, but they're awesome.

Samantha Valtierra Bush - i rode a bus today and thought the same thing. they're my favorites because, as you said, i'm not allowed to be anxious about being late or be worried about where i am. the bus gets there when it gets there, so i might as well relax and enjoy the ride

Kyly Hawk - yes but when it's the night bus in switzerland don't take a nap because then you miss your stop and have to get a taxi cuz it's too far to walk lol

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

[decision time]

Well, I told my future, potential host family that I would tell them by July 18th if I will be staying with them for the next year.

July 18th? That's tomorrow.
I choose the future for my next year tomorrow.

I guess that means it's time for another round of "Pros and Cons."

- Earn money for college
- Opportunity to live in Switzerland again
- I love working with kids
- Learn French
- I enjoy taking care of homes
- Surefire job I'm qualified for
- Good working experience
- Low key
- Seems like a fantastic family, doable
- Weekends off means I can visit Obwalden
- Europe exploration opportunities
- Less regulations than exchange
- I'm not exactly up for living at home for another year
- All I've wanted since I've left is to go back
- I might be staying in America liking my old life, but I know that my new life in America would be so different. With all of my friend's gone, I can see myself getting a bit depressed, not literally, being the one left behind in Kenmore. It's time to get out of here.
- One of the many majors I'm considering is "linguistics" and knowing French would be a great compliment to my German and my limited knowledge of Italian and Spanish.

- During this time, not moving on with life
- Not getting a college education as this point
- One year is a long time to take care of kids
- Will this be messing with my mind, is it dangerous to go back again after it took me so long to adjust back to America
- Does this go with any plan I have for college

As of right now, folks, I think I'm going. I've got something of a plan, something, at least a bit of direction. I think this is a great opportunity and I'm always up for some adventure. As of right now, I'd say I'm going.

I think it's time for me to start packing up again.
Packing up.
Nothing new in that.

Who knows when I'll come back? It might be right after the year is over, and then again, it could be a bit longer. I'm not sure yet, don't think I'll know for a while, but that's the beauty of it all.
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