Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Run Away

The title of my blog is Run Away Maggie May.

Looking back, I realize that perhaps this was a huge error because I don't believe I am running away from anything. I am always running somewhere. Not with the purpose of escaping soething, but merely onwards to...

"... the core of man's spirit comes from man's experiences..."

Don't know that that's true, but the basic idea behind that is one I enjoy thinking upon.

And then...

I have yet to feel the need to settle in.

I am content moving on every 3 months or so.

I feel like a great adventure is always awaiting me, just a bit further on in life.

Just got back from Switzerland around a month ago.

I'll be residing in Seattle, going to community college for three months to get me some of that good ol' education.

Afterwards, life is New York City.

I have never had a draw to the city of New York or a strong desire or urge to go there. With the chance, however, the opportunity to go there, I think it ought to be wonderful.

A decent three month trial period will be given. I'll continue to grow on experiences. Absorbing what I see and adding it to my catalogue of knowledge.

Here are somethings I wish to work on:

- Reading some of the classics. Learn from the experience of others.

- Memorize quotes. Use them.

- Read the Bible and memorize it more.

- Learn about the legalities of traveling around the United States.

- Vegetable juice - twice a day.

- Gain control of SPD, if possible.

- More music.

Thursday, December 17, 2009


Guess I've already been a "college kid" for the past three months, yet it doesn't feel that way as I never had to attend a single class.

Choosing to go to community college is not something I have yet to regret. I am glad of that decision.

In my talks with many adults, one reaccuring piece of advice I got was to go to community college for two years.

I am going to community college....

For the small class sizes. With my learnign style, I can't afford to just be one in 400 in one class. I need to be able to raise my hand during class and ask a question. I want that teacher to be able to call on me by name and know something about me.

For the price. My next quarter tuition is $1,055 for 15 credits. Not much, is it. And that credit I get is of value at schools from the University of Washing to to Trinity Western University. It was also easy for me to get into any class I wanted to, even a week or two after they started enrolling. There was room for me in the classes I needed to take.

For the sake of being able to explore. Since this isn't so expensive, I can afford to try out different classes to see if they're right for me.

I think community college is a good fit for me. Many people think that the dorm experience is unvaluable, and I'm sure it is. But for me, I have another experience, living in Switzerland twice, that I think helps cover that void for now. I don't feel like I'm missing out on too much by not living with a bunch of people my age in an appartment. I'm sure it's wonderful and awesome, and I think I would enjoy it, but I'm ok with not having it right now.

I will be taking the bus to school each day or carpooling with my father unit. That will cost me up to $45 total for transportation, which is less than what I would have to pay for car insurance alone, per month. Taking the bus is a relaxing experience for me and I'm glad I enjoy it, considering I could end up on the bus for 80 minutes a day, 400 minutes a week, almost 7 hours.

I have every intention to explore my options at school. I'm stoked for badminton club on Wednesdays or International club, fencing club, ping pong club, and maybe even jazz improv club. I can get whatever I want to out of this experience and it's up to me to turn it into something more than just book-learning.

This will not just be a stepping stone between me and university.
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