Thursday, February 4, 2010


2010 & I'm wearing a sweater and smiling.

Other children would wear sweaters. They were pretty, I was told.

Wearing a sweater was the worst torture – ever.

The feeling was unbearable. Itchy. Scratchy. Like somebody poking my arms constantly with a bunch of sharp pine needles. I hated moving when wearing them. I needed to twist and squirm and I couldn't think about anything else with an evil sweater on.

Sweaters were gross and no child likes to wear gross clothing.

I truly was in awe when I saw another kid wearing a sweater. I was confused and didn't get how they could wear it? It was such an awful experience. Were they numb?

Now I understand.

Now I can manage to get them on and have a few I actually wear by choice. I have a sheep sweater, my dad's old blue sweater which is super soft, and a even some itchy flannel I like when I wear a long sleeved shirt with. It still can feel really uncomfortable at times, but I can pull it off which makes me feel good.

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