Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Books, Pens, and Loud-Voiced Men

Welcome to my classroom.

When I pick a seat at the beginning of each quarter, I like to sit in the second row. I also like to sit across from the clock, in case it makes ticking noises.

I like to always sit in the same seat. Once, and only once, a girl sat in my seat in math. I didn’t like that at all, but of course recovered quickly. It just made me feel like my mind was shouting at me, “This is a bad, bad day. This is a bad, bad day.” I let myself make a joke of it and sat down by someone I knew.

I normally end up taking off my watch within five minutes of class. I am reliant upon my watch and I feel secure with it on, but in a silent setting, the ticking can drive me crazy.

Some people’s voices upset me in class. When they talk, it makes me feel like covering my ears or running off. Instead of going with my instincts, I sit tight and listen and try to learn to get used to them. I often will judge a person on their voice and dislike them. Most often it is people with loud, harsh voices, typically girls.

“Uhhh.” “Ummm.”
I count those. It drives me crazy when a lecturing professor’s speech is filled with filler words. Sometimes I can get up to 14 “umms” a minute which is a number I find to be ridiculous. I almost didn’t even take a class next quarter because after seeing the professor talk for 4 minutes, I couldn’t help but notice his ever-present, booming “uhhs.”

When I open up my books, they are underlines, often in multiple colours. My mind processes information best that way. I have to use a ruler to underline or else I end up erasing my marks and doing everything over until it is just right.

I like the feeling of certain pens and pencils and find it really comforting to use them. Sometimes, I get caught up just doing line after line. I like these Caran d’Ache Edelweiss pencils best. I use the HB and the 3B.

I like going to class each day. I don’t feel worried or anxious, it is something I look forward to. I have a very set routine and feel in charge of it. I write everything in my agenda and usually know what to expect. It’s after school plans that can get me a bit on edge.

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