Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Breakfast Is King

Without a doubt, breakfast is the king of all meals. Breakfast makes me tick. Breakfast makes me grin. Breakfast makes me dance.

Breakfast is not a meal to be missed. I can do without lunch and dinner if I've already got a good, balanced breakfast at work in my stomach.

Breakfast this morning was...

-A piece of squirrely bread with almond butter
- A few spoonfuls of Pico de Gallo (vegetables anyone?)
- A mini-cup of tomatoe soup (more veggies)
- A few baby carrots (veggie veggie)
- A handful of frozen peas (ok, we get it, veggies)
- Cup of soy milk
- Glass of San Pelegrino
- Mug of green tea
- Three spoonfuls of Oikos Greek Yoghurt

I think I just need some fruit. Maybe I'll grab a jar of pureed pairs at the store this morning.

Anyways, breakfast is king and I treasure this meal. Some mornings it's French toast, other oatmeal, others cereal, I just like food when I wake up. I see a direct connection to my morning eating habits and my performance in school.

Way to be a winner, Maggie, way to win.

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