Thursday, April 29, 2010

Kein Facebook

Freedome has been found in this world without Facebook.

I had no idea it would change my lifestyle this much, but it truly has. Here is how.

No Facebook means I go to bed earlier. That has developed into a habit and now I end up going to bed around 10 PM each night - I start getting ready around an hour earlier so my body has time to wind down.

Going to bed earlier means I can wake up whenever and feel great - even 5 AM. Waking up early means I have time for a nutrtious breakfast as well as time to make a beautiful, filling, healthy lunch.

Lunch normally consists of a thermos of soup, whole wheat bread with almond butter, a bag of apples, a bag of carrots or celery, and a banana if possible. I sometimes add a small bag of rye crackers or something else to snack on if I get hungry. There's only good grains in the crackers so I can eat to my heart, or stomach's, content.

My only desert, lately has been these Panada All Natural Licorice. Mmmm. So good! I even have the ingredients memorized. Ready for it? Molasses, wheat flour, licorice extract, aniseed oil. That's it! See? No sugar. No icky stuff. Just some good ol' whole wheat flour and some spices and molasses. No preservatives. Nothing. And it tastes delicious.

Ok. So once I'm all nutritioned up, what else happens with no Facebook? Well, I spend a whole lot less time on the internet. Literally hours less per day. No Facebook means less time prepping pictures and maintaining social obligations. This means I have more free time to....

Clean my room. My room has been palace of clean since I left Facebook like never before. Each night I find myself putting everything away, same in the morning before I go to school. The time before I slept that I might have wasted away before is now spent being productive. Numerous sources have shown that a clean room brings on better sleep. I also open the window at night - cooler temperatures can help bring on the sleep. I also like to spritz my bed with lavendar linen spray. This routine has developed because Facebook is gone.

Since Facebook has disapeared, I have found myself cooking more. I made a tofu stir fry last night and roasted potatoes, carrots, and parsnips the night before. I have time to do things like this, eat a bit better.

I have also begun to read more. I can read in bed before I sleep or after school. The enviroment in my room is set up to encourage relaxing and concentration. Current books I'm reading include the Bible, Franny and Zooey and two books from the Foxfire series.

Let's see. What else is better? I clean the kitchen more, I think. I enjoy that.

I feel a whole lot more content without Facebook. My life is not spent seeing what others are doing and thinking that they care what mine is. I do blog, more now, just like I used to do almost daily. I consider this to be a healthier habit than Facebook. Yes, I record life, but, once I get it all created, I'm done with it.

That's about it. But life is just swell right now and I'm beyond content with the way things have been going since Facebook has left my life. I originally intended it to only be for a week but I may end up keeping it that way for a bit longer.

More sleep? Better nutrition? Happier? Cleaner life? I'd say that's a win where it matters.

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  1. Miss Magi!

    Thanks for inspiring me to do the same.

    I have also taken a break from tumblr and I may start up my Swiss Adventures blog again....

    maybe. who knows.

    Keep in touch with me though. Because I like you!


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