Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Photo by Jesse Burke - It's me and my 'genda.

My agenda is missing.

I think I left it at dance on Wednesday.

But the fact is, it hasn't been in my backpack for a week and I am not comfortable with that.

I'm not sure if it's because of SPD or ADHD but I crave routine. I do best in situations when I know what is going on and I can look ahead and know what to expect. My agenda made me feel as if I had control of at least one thing.

I put everything in there. Every event. Note. Phone numbers. Thoughts. Receipts. Photographs. Postcards. Magazine clippings. Goals.

Without my agenda, I can get really confused. I don't remember future dates well and I get frustrated, really frustrated, when trying to plan ahead without my agenda.

I notice an actual change in my mood and the way I feel, lately. My mom was talking to me about scheduling a doctors appartment and I was harsh and cranky.

Mom: So these are the days I'm free to go...
Maggie: I don't have my agenda.
Mom: But we need to get you more meds...
Maggie: You can go. I don't know where my agenda is.
Mom: But finals are coming up and you'll run out....
Maggie: No agenda.

Pretty much like that.

I am ready for it to come back soon.

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  1. i am the same way.... you should see my latest one...

    ALSO - i have orange legwarmers with your name on em.. my aunt made them for me but they are too small because i have man ankles...


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