Friday, May 7, 2010

Makes Me Wanna "Grrrr"

I'm craving some learning.

Learning is an experience like no other. I love the feeling of vulnerability, knowing that the teacher is ever so much more capable than I in whatever it is I am studying.

Learning is exploration.

So what is up with the "grrrring?"

This ridiculous notion that everything must be paid for. Is there anyone out there who wants to share their knowledge about anything with me?

Ok. True. I have been blessed. I got a fiddle for free plus a group of men who teach me tunes. I have another friend who has taken me rock climbing and slack lining. I have another friend who has helped me with mountain biking.

But beyond that, what is there? I have lists of things I want to learn, but all require me to fork over money for a series of lessons.

You know how "sharing is caring?" Well, when you charge that much, no longer are you a ol' sharin' care bear. Turning knowledge into a commodity is awkward in circumstances like these for me.

I wish folks just said, "Hey. I know how to ________________, lemme teach you."

Way to be opinionated.

Anyways, the question is, "Do you have something you could teach me?"

Note: There is a trade school of sorts that is wonderful and lines up with my ideals when it comes to learning. Check it out here. You would barter to learn. Bartering? That's something I like.

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