Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Mountain Time

What a blessing to be able to get away to an island for a day.

I am convinced that the San Juan Islands make Washington state around two times cooler than it would be sans-island. Yesterday my father and I went up to Mount Constitution on Orcas Island for a day. He had to go there to work at the transmitter site for the radio station he is the chief engineer for.

Father working?
That left me beyond three hours of my own to explore a mountain with.

Three hours of running, sprinting, hopping, walking, twisting, jumping, hiking, dancing, whirling, galloping, and prancing.

It was delightful.

At some points I would just freeze completely and listen. I would key into each sense, one at a time.

Hear. What can I hear right now? Not just birds. Not just the water. Leaves moving with the slightest breeze.

At one point it was still and then I heard a breeze. I could actually hear the breeze move through the trees and leave.

See. I could see wildlife, naturally. Staring contests with deer make me feel like a winner. But then there was the dirt to look at. I could trace patterns in it with my fingers. Textures. Leaves. Everything is so alive.


Sensory heaven, it was; nothing to over stimulate me but so much to occupy me.

Imagine taking three hours out of your life to wander the woods. You never encounter anyone and there is no agenda. You may sing, dance, rest, run, no one cares or has any expectations for those moments. The time is yours.

Mountain time does wonders.

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