Monday, May 17, 2010

Syttende Mai

Ja, vi elsker dette landet,
som det stiger frem,
furet, værbitt over vannet, rugged,
med de tusen hjem.
Og som fedres kamp har hevet
det av nød til seir,
også vi, når det blir krevet,
for dets fred slår leir.

Happy Syttende Mai!

One of the things I find rad about America is that we often get to hijack the celebrations of other countries for our own enjoyment.

The neighborhood of Ballard, within Seattle, is known for it's Scandinavian heritage. Apparently a bunch of them Scandinavian folks thought Ballard was pretty swell due to all the dandy fishing opportunities.

Anyways, because of that, there's a lot of folks who are Norwegian or have a family history rooted in Norway. Hence, days like Syttende Mai (17th of May) don't pass by without a hoot and a holler and a whole lot more... in the form of a parade.

Syttende Mai is the Norwegian Constitution Day.

After school the father unit and I headed over to some engineer place and then another place (can you sense the enthusiasm?) and then he dropped me off at Nicole's house.

Nicole's house is like a little contained zone of joy-ness. They were making bolla and there was already lefse made up. They had delicious Norwegian chocolate. It was a pretty chill place. I think I'll take over for an afternoon, someday.

We headed over to the parade which was brilliant. Daim was thrown. Daim? In the streets of Ballard? Oh joys!

Discussions were had of velcro sleeves and princesses waved often.

I was thrilled - Nicole's family had a flag I was allowed to wave. I felt very, very Norwegian. I even had Elsa's old camp shirt. Score.

Overall, it was cool to see everyone come together so joyously. Parades are awesome as is, but a Norwegian parade? Doesn't get much better than that!

The Norwegians
have the capabilities
to wear very very
cool clothes.
How Does SPD/ADHD Tie Into This?

I was struggling as I tried to figure out my day. I had to make a large amount of connections and certain ones were uncertain.

I had to go from school --> Nicole's. But I didn't know how. With Dad? And to make matters worse, I wasn't in full contact with her to know where she lived or what time was good.

Nicole --> Parade
Sometimes I get nervous when I know I'm going to something huge and loud - but I normally enjoy it once I'm there. This time, I'd been to the parade before so I was just stoked.

Parade --> Gaelic Music Practice
Which mean I had to meet up with Carmen somewhere in Ballard.

Anyways, with the uncertainty of this plan, I was a wreck. I felt unstable and uncomfortable. After I had decided I would go home and skip the parade, for a few hours of down time, Nicole called and it worked out.

When I don't know plans for my day, I get pretty edgy, sometimes. Not always. Not always. But when plans fall into place, life improves.

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