Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Abba Flash Mob

Photo from here.

Today I had the honour, delight, and enjoyment of participating in the Abba flash mob at the Swedish Hospital.

June 1 is the 100th year anniversary of this amazing hospital. Apparently they’ve brought over 200,000 babies into the world. That’s a whole lot of babies. That’s around 30 times the population of Ripon, Wisconsin.

Around 9-11 of us put on scrubs and got in the 100th year picture with all the employees then, well, I guess you can watch the movie.

I got a kick out of dancing – it was quite a bit different from square dancing, round dancing, or clogging. I think doing flash mobs is worth it for the laughs, smiles, and free “dance lessons” that are tailored for those who aren’t dancers. Our choreographer and instructor, Bobby Bonsey, is not only a brilliant dancer but has the gift of teaching and unifying a group.

Can you find me? I'm there a-skippin' away at :22-23, and then at :25 you can see me, I guess, sort of the the center left (red hair). I do the rest of the dance near the front to the left, to the right of the post man (he has no hair on the top of his head).

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  1. What a funny li'l blog! Sounds like you're in Seattle, city of my heart. I lived there for a number of years and loved it! I lived over on Boren Ave. near Virginia Mason and then over in Capital Hill. Give Seattle a hug for me!


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