Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Awkward Silences Don't Fool Me

The view from a recent hike up Tiger Mountain.

Awkward silences.
Wait. The lack of noise causes you discomfort?

I personally like those pauses when no words are spoken. I like the time when no one feels the need to destroy the perfect stillness that happens, a moment to breath in a conversation.

I enjoy it when I'm walking with someone and for a while, no one says anything and it's simply ok.

There isn't any stress about fulfiling the duty to speak. Sometimes, the unsaid things are louder than that which is spoken.

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  1. I completly agree, those moments are sometimes, not necessarily the most memorable but one of the more enjoyable ones.

    It's the simplicity that makes it special, just knowing that no thoughts are being spoken but you are really sharing a lot, and it's ok like you say.

    No Need For Words


Your words make me grin.

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