Sunday, June 6, 2010

Flying Solo

Flying solo.
Doing things on my own.
Believe it or not - that is how I like it.

I love going and doing things like volunteering or flash mobs without knowing anyone ahead of time.

I prefer that to cordinating times and bringing a friend with me to events.

I enjoy being in situations in which know no one, not a single person, and I get a chance to meet new folks. I really like that.

Don't get me wrong - very often I would rather that I had somebody walking by my side to laugh with or ride the bus next to. It is not uncommon that I wish I had friends I could drag along with me. I wish I had a friend who would be available to have mini-adventures. Sometimes I wish there was someone who lived nearby who I could call last-minute and they would be free to go for a walk or a bus ride to Seattle without before-hand-planning. But I don't. I have great friends but they don't live in my village and if they live near by, they are a bunch of busy misters (and I admit that I can be a busy mister to at times).

I get too many folks saying, "Maggie! Next time you do [x] take me with you."

That's difficult for me because I can't keep track of those requests. There are a lot of people asking me to keep them posted. I don't really feel like keeping track and letting them know. I just want to do what I do when I do it. I don't like having people dependent upon me. I want to do it on my ownsome.

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  1. hello, love some of the pictures on your blog, i am visiting from the check out my blog swap on swap bot where my username is rainbowafterrain81...I really like the picture from the abba flinch post...I am not one who likes to go anywhere where I don't know people sometimes I don't like to go to places where I DO know people :) thats what makes everyone unique huh?

    have a great rest of your week


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