Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Language Learnin'

Studying French in Arzier in September 2009.

I've decided to work on my languages again.

Currently, in my life time I've studied German, Swiss-German, French, Italian, and Spanish. I've also been around quite the load of sign language. Half of my family signs.

Anyways, it's German I'd love to conquer more.

I learned German mainly just by hearing it all day... and night. It was German all the time. German and Swiss-German.

I've still got my German language books (sometimes it helped with grammar) and so I think it'd do me good to study around 30 minutes a day. I'm not too confident in my self-control to do it. But if I make it a routine, it is possible.

The commons, hang-out sort of room in my school in Sarnen, Switzerland. This is where I studied for a year.

The outside of the same school.

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