Friday, June 25, 2010

Fidget Feature: Tennis Ball

I accidentally stole my friend's tennis ball. Wait. No. "Stole" is much to harsh a term. Let's say "borrow."

I accidentally borrowed my friend's tennis ball.
It has become my favourite fidget toy.

I've been fidgeting during school since the beginning of school.

In Kindergarten, the teacher actually called me "Stan" because I was always standing and never sitting. I was supposed to sit. I stood. Stand. Sit. Stan. Maggie. That's me.

I started to bring play dough to school during the 8th grade. I was the play doh girl and ended up obtaining quite a lot of that stuff during junior high. All my teachers were chill with me playing with it during class and my classmates loved borrowing pieces of it to also fidget with. This was before I was even diagnosed with that grand ol' AD of HD.

A variety of other fidget toys have been had since then. Balloons with flour, action figures, and erasers.

And now I have a tennis ball.

It keeps my fingers busy.

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