Sunday, June 6, 2010

This We Love About Seattle: Flash Mobs

Picture by Kate Bergman at My Wallingford.
See me?
Life is brilliant.
Scooter rides keep things movin'.

But what kept me motivated to stand in the soggified grass of Seattle for more than 40 minutes this grey 'n' drizzlin' Sunday when I could have stayed inside, listening to my friend write a hymn?

Today, the mobbers had the chance to be on the cover of the next issue of Seattle Met. So dandy. It relates to the "Things We Love About Seattle" theme. What do they love about us? They love the flash mobs that keep happening in our hip hop happenin' village.

I got a ride to SPU with Monica. Hung out on Eric's couch till it was time to scooter across the Fremont Bridge to Gas Works Park.

Our instructions were to wear red. We wandered the grass without much thought, it was fun being able to recognize people from past flash mobs. There is a brinking-on-strong sense of community.

Endlich, we were alerted that the helicopter was coming. Helicopters fly real good, you know. We scrambled to the heart where I found my place next to mobbers from the Abba flash mob - Alesha and Andy.

That's when the posing started.

The helicopter just did huge loops over our heads and we were to look at it. Each time it came to the North, the bottom point of our heart, we had to be posed and ready to go.


- Just stare at the camera.
- Smile.
- Jesus.
- Jesus a bit up.
- L in the air.
- Heart in the air.
- Outsides put your hands out.
- Hug each other facing out like you're hugging Seattle.
- Hands out like checking for rain.
- Kids in the middle of the heart.
- Heart within a heart.

"Mom. I'm done looking up. Ready to go."
One boy said after 27 minutes had passed.

- Go crazy in the middle of the heart.
- Half-way wave without hands.
- Half-way wave with hands.
- Back flips in the heart (I wish).
- Walk away from the heart.

As you can tell, it took quite a lot of concentration and skill.
Good thing we are very, very excellent at posing.

I think the pilot of the helicopter might have gotten circle-sick.

Here's a shot Will Austin got up in the helicopter got with his iPhone:

I'd say we make one pretty rad heart.


  1. I say you all make one very fine heart!

  2. HI, I'm one of your partners in the "check out my blog" swap on swap bot. I've read your posts until the April 2nd post and I've enjoyed reading what you have to say. I decided to comment on this one in particular cause I had never heard of flash mobs and It thought you all made a beautiful image. Plus it just sounds like fun.


  3. Very nice description of the day ... and great that you documented the photo direction. I was confused at first with Jesus, and asked "on the cross?" :)

    The photos turned out great. I can't wait to see the cover and other photos.


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