Thursday, June 10, 2010

Two Hours Grace

Photo by Mike.

Today is the last day of finals.

I showed up at the Office of Special Services this morning at 10:30. You'd think that an office with a name like that catered to all things wonderful and sugar infused but really it's just where folks like me go to take tests and pick up notes. I'm told that at the college I had originally planned on going to, Ripon College, they give you free juice and granola bars in the same office.

I walked in, prepared to conquer.

"Margaret, are you going to take your test two hours early?"
"I have you scheduled for 12:15."
"Oh, um, guess I'll study for a bit. Can I take it early?"

I had ended up showing up for the time when I would normally take my English class. What a confused girl I am.

I've got two hours to fill. Guess those can be used to study some more - I'm just afraid my meds will wear off by test time. I accidentally took a light dose this morning and I took it earlier than normal.

I can definitely use the extra time. I've got a lot more that I could study and facts that haven't been cemented in my brain.

Wish me luck? Nah. Don't need luck.
I am the Master of Cultural Anthropology and all things acculturation related.

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