Wednesday, June 30, 2010

the Writing "Process"

The Writing Process?
You mean "outline, draft, final?"
Ha! I wish writing was that simple for me. For me, the writing process starts the minute I choose to begin the assignment.

For every essay I've written in college (I'm on my fourth quarter, now) I've done the majority of the paper, 80% or so, the day it was due.

My first class I had a major research essay to do. We had over 2 months to work on it. The day before it was due I went to the library and chose my subject - the forms of assistance new Jewish immigrants received in New York in the 1930s to 1940s.

I decided to do things right yesterday. You can tell I did them right because I am saying "yesterday," not "today" which means that I did not do a blog yesterday... although I did take pictures.

The key to actually getting work done early, for me, is creating the right environment. This includes lighting, temperature, scent, sound, and even food for taste.

Before I even start the process I need to take my "emergency meds." These are the ones I take later in the day right before major assignments. They make me over anxious but work.

Process of Writing An Essay
1) Open blinds. Windows. Air room out (as done daily).
2) Clean room. Entirely. This may take one to two hours to accomplish.
3) Get nutritionized. Prepare tea, soup, and carrots to be consumed.
4) Read text. Think about it.
5) Set up study area.
6) Hope I don't have wireless for my laptop.
7) Organize pencils.
8) Sharpen pencils.
8.5) More tea.
9) Compare pencils.
10) Put on favourite album of hymns.
11) Start the prewriting process.
11.5) Think about how lovely the setting and room is. Take photographs.
12) Write questions. Answer questions.
13) Hope I can stay focused enough for a final.
13.5) More tea.
14) Read writing outloud.
15) Next day, do a second edit, right before class.
16) Print out two copies.
17) Don't look at essay ever ever ever again that day except when turning in.

Wish for a 4.0.

I'm hoping this worked.

In English 101, I managed to do each essay right before class and get a solid 4.0 on each essay. I thought this was everyone who got a 4.0 till people started comparing grades and I overheard.

I would have continued on with this habit but I realized I could have much more peace if I just conquered an essay a day early. I also realized that in the future, I could encounter assignments that take more than just quick wit on the due date.

It felt good to get this work done. I genuinely do enjoy learning, writing, and working when I feel that I can comprehend the subject. Once I actually got into the study zone (thank you meds) I am capable of hyper focusing and when that happens, great things are possible.

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  1. What hymns, may I ask? Also, I really like that notebook. Did you make it yourself?


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