Thursday, July 15, 2010

Anything So Impressive As the Caber Toss?

I genuinely think there is nothing more manly (in terms of display of physical strength) than the caber toss.


Football? Men wearing toooo much padding and tossing around a balloon made of some pig's skin.
Soccer? Have you seen how often they fall down and groan as if they're in pain? Tell me it's not an act. Yes, some injuries are legit, but others, well, I'm not buying it. Plus they can play for an hour and not even have an results.
Basketball? Well, it can be impressive when they jump but I don't see it as being manly.
Baseball? Little stick. Little ball. Run in circles.

Then there is the caber toss. Throwing a some-175 pound tree around. Up in the air, making it flip all the way over. It's crazy! Apparently it's typically around 19 feet and 6 inches - thank you Wikipedia.


These dudes are picking up trees and throwing them. If that doesn't say, "I am a manly man!" then what does?

And yes. I think kilts are perfectly acceptable attire for men.


  1. indeed, it is manly. so impressive!

  2. Wow, looks fun & hard!

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  3. I haven't been to a Highland Games in forever, but have to agree, I can't think of anything that beats a caber toss in the manliness department! *lol*

    RJcanuck @ SB, via the Blog Me, Baby swap


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