Monday, July 26, 2010

Joelle in Seattle

I got to see my best friend this weekend.
And the beginning of this week.
And before that, I hadn't seen her since November.

Meet Joelle!

How did I meet her? She found me on Flickr back in July 2009.
What did we have in common? I had already gone to Switzerland with Rotary Youth Exchange and she was about to go. She is from Olympia, WA and I am from Seattle, WA.

We set up a quick bike trip to Gas Works Park and back and I'd like to say that it was quite the instant connection. We've been close friends ever since.

The second time we hung out was in Switzerland. It's crazy to see people in America and Switzerland. We became yet even closer.

Now that she's back in America, I got to see her at the beginning of last week. I'll do a journal-style blog on Olympia soon complete with photos. This weekend I got to hang out with her during mornings and nights as she went to the Capitol Hill Block Party. I couldn't go because I already had tickets to see Jamie Cullum in Seattle and Portland.

Anyways, Joelle is swell.

We are going to shave our heads someday.
We like doing monkey stretches.
She lets me use her deoderant.
We enjoy fluffy water and filling up the water of others at the artesian well.
She makes me happy to the brim.


  1. best friends rock. I met mine through Livejournal back in 2005..or maybe 2006? We have only met in person maybe 10 times or less but she was maid of honor at my wedding.

    Total nerd confession:
    we met because we both ordered Harry Potter cloaks through the same vendor, lol. Good times, good times.

    Glad you found a bestie. :) Every girl needs one!

  2. My bestie is in Oklahoma and I only know her through phone calls and letters, but one of these days...

    This is Sherifaerie from Swap-Bot swap, Be My Blog Follower on Blogger swap, now following you! xoxox.

  3. Friends are so important...they know who you really, really are, even more so than your parents probably do.

    My own best friends are in New York and Houston, which is much too far from Los Angeles for my comfort. But it's nice that we now have things like email and texting and IM and Facebook to keep in touch, so that every time we actually do talk or see each other, it's as if it was just yesterday.

    Such a great post--thank you for sharing!

    (thehappyhoneybee on SB)

  4. apart from the nice blog and contents you have, your photos are awsome.
    Mad ABout Pink from SB


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