Wednesday, July 28, 2010

One on One

I believe.
I think.

I believe that I am more of a one on one hang-out sort of person. Thinking back to my hang-out history, I'm just a wee bit more keen on hanging out with just one person. Or sticking with one person while going through different baskets of activities and venues of entertainment.

What is wonderfully rare and ideal are the friends I can hang out with for beyond a single day and we don't ever get tired of it. I crave the friendships where nothing is something. We can just chill in a park or even take a nap and not have to worry about if the other mate is bored.

Groups. Now not saying I don't enjoy hangin' out with groups of folks because I genuinely enjoy that. I like all the dynamics that each person brings. So many different personalities creates an unduplicateable patchwork of interactions.

Groups are ideal when music is being made.

Nothing beats a jam session, in my book.

But where groups lack is that they can be emotionally exhausting for me.

And then there is solitude.
I don't mind that either.


  1. Confused. My blogger said you posted something on Coconut Oil but now it doesn't exist. :( I was looking forward to that.

    Really good natural blog you may or may not know of: Yay!

  2. Ah! That's because I put it up and then realized I wanted to take it down and revise a bit.

    I'll be putting it up.

    And thanks for the blog suggestion! I'm stoked to check it out!

  3. I too am a fan solitude! I totally understand that groups can be emotionally exhausting - I feel the same way. Thanks for sharing. {billiemonster from swap-bot 'blog me baby' swap}

  4. I agree on all acounts. I think it's good to have a bit of each: Me time, them time, & just one person & me time :).

    (SophiePine -Swapbot)


Your words make me grin.

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