Friday, July 23, 2010

Radio Active

How could radio ever disappear? It's like your own personal DJ in a box.

Radio via waves/modulation/superpowers is so wonderful. I hate to think that it might fade out.

But something that is becoming ever more popular is internet radio.

Internet radio is kind of like bakeries - it's hit and miss. Sometimes the DJ just gets it and the music is what I need. Other times it's like when you get in a car with a person who... well, I can only put this into my own perspective. For me, it's like getting into a car with a person that just turns on the radio to the station that places the latest hits. I mean, I know they're great but sometimes I can't help but cringe. Wait, but I wasn't talking about radio experiences in cars. This is about internet radio.

Ok, today I'm going to highlight two different internet radios I've come to frequent. I am not going to include Pandora because, to me, it doesn't really count as a radio in the sense that it is lacking in a actual person picking out the music.

So the first one is Hollow Earth Radio.

Hollow Earth! Hollow Earth! Check it out!

They play the music no other radio (that I have yet to encounter) has the guts to play. It will blow your mind. Blow your ears!

They've been broadcasting out of a Seattle home for around three and a half years. Only now are they getting their own building thanks to Kickstarter.

Here's how they talk about themselves:
"Hollow Earth Radio is the Pacific Northwest's freeform online radio station that presents a forum for underrepresented music, sounds and perspectives. We support the local music community in Seattle, King County, Washington state, and the larger Pacific Northwest by focusing on found sound, field recordings, forgotten music, local musicians, bedroom recordings, low-fi demos, dreams, storytelling, and things that feel real. We expose works that have yet to be unearthed or have long been dormant. We acknowledge and celebrate raw talent and imperfections, and encourage bands who've never had their music air on a radio before to take a chance with us."

The other internet radio is one I was just exposed to you as of recently - Viva Radio. Thank you Ian.

As he put it. "[Viva is a] hit and miss... but makes you get your grove on!!"

Viva is based out of Brooklyn, New York. It's got a bit more structuring and organized depth, from what I've heard and learned through my research. While Hollow Earth will let next to anyone who has tastes that line up with their mission and groundings. Viva picks their DJs out a bit more selectively. But with music, taste really varies from person to person. I guess that didn't say much about Viva...

In short.
Or long.
Give both radio stations a listen. They will, beyond a doubt, expose you to a wider range of music than you have ever experienced. If you've found yourself in a music rut, Hollow Earth and Viva are the way to go - way to hear?

Photo by Joelle F. because those are my hands gesturing to the contentsof the lunch box and because she is just a swell girl.


  1. i just heart your blog layout!

    this is babyshrimp (via swapbot!)

  2. I've never heard of Hollow Earth before! And I can't imagine why I haven't either, I'm in the Pacific Northwest AND I lived in Seattle for a bit. Bah! Thank you for exposing me to amazingness. Yay you! *throws heart confetti*

    Dani aka Doodlebabe (swap-bot blogger swap)

  3. howdy neighbor, I live in Seattle too. You have a fun blog.. and i'm pleased to see you doing so well in school.

  4. howdy neighbor, I live in Seattle too. You have a fun blog.. and i'm pleased to see you doing so well in school.

  5. nice photos! love your layout :)

    i don't think radio could every disapper either, it's too much fun! sometimes there's too much talk though. lol!

    - memtree (swap-bot)

  6. It's too much fun to heard about Hollow Heart!I´m your sender partner on Swap Bot Swap (I´m a blogger, folow me)and I´m now follow you to! Hugs from Brazil, Andrea (acescorcio)

  7. great blog. I will definitly check out these radio stations sounds like lots of fun. Have you as a partner on the Im a Blogger Follow Me swap on swapbot - Deidreart

  8. o_O I'm gonna have to check out hollow earth :D Following you from the Blog Me Baby swap on Swap-Bot! ~Liz (lizzibeth226)

  9. Oooh, Hollow earth sounds really interesting, I will have to check it out - thanks for the recommendations!

    swapbot: zilliah

  10. Hey-- Belated thanks, but "thank you" nonetheless! We appreciate getting the word out about Hollow Earth Radio.

    Take care,
    Hollow Earth Radio


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