Monday, August 23, 2010

Canton Obwalden - Call It Home

Click on the photo and make it prettier.

This is where I used to live.
This is where I call home.

Welcome to the Swiss canton of Obwalden!

Isn't it beautiful? I got this picture on a hike up to Giswilerstock - a peak I could see each day from my Giswil home.

The dots in Sachseln and Giswil represent each of my homes I lived in from 2007-2008 (it's the Rotary Youth Exchange way - multiple homes per year). Up in Sarnen, that's my school, Kantonsschule Obwalden.

I miss that place so much. It makes me ache inside. I get this strong longing inside me to run back. This picture doesn't even half capture the beauty and peace of my favourite place on the planet.

Obwalden is the very, very center point of Switzerland.
It's chockful of farmers!
It's only 190 square miles.
(to compare - Seattle is around 142 square miles, and only a city. Obwalden is a canton, which is the Swiss equivalent to a state).
There are cows.

And you'll hear much about it, over time, I think.

I love Obwalden.

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