Saturday, August 21, 2010


DJ Phantom & Patrick @ post-concert car sittin'.

Last night - saw Casiokids.
It got me super-mega-duper reminiscent.

I was given my first Casio keyboard at a young age.

On car trips to Ocean Shores, it would always come along and music was made in the automobile. I know the sounds so well. I know the rhythms. Beats. Sounds.

And in dancing around last night, I heard those sounds again - being played by someone else on a stage.

Mind blown.
I feel a mini-little urge to write about the actual concert. I want to write about how brilliantly AMAZING it was and how delighted I was to get to dance for over 2.9 hours. Sweaty sweaty people. Flailing limbs. I want to do a blurb on how I wripped a poster off a door and had the entire band, from Bergen, Norway, sign it. I could then go on and on about dancing, water, energy, and two rolled ankles but I think I won't.

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