Sunday, August 15, 2010


Oh the beauty of getting free clothes.

Since I can remember (and I know it started before then) I have always been on the receiving end of bags and bags of clothes. I've had other girls giving me their old clothes and I've never thought much of it.

When I was little and would get a big trash bag full of clothes, it was kinda like Christmas. We would sit down in the living room and I would get to sort them all out between "keep" and "pass on."

When I was much younger, the clothes had usually already been worn by 2-4 other girls so they were much dated but I got some pretty good clothes that way.

This weekend I got even more hand-me-downs in charming Utah (between Salt Lake City and Provo). My dear friend Chloe was going through her old closest and getting rid of most of the contents (she lives in Seattle now).

As you can see, I'm coming home with the gold.

And that includes not one, but two pairs of snow pants. I didn't even have some before today but was in need (although not immediate).

Few things beat hand-me-downs. See, there's no guilt at all in taking them because no money is being spent and it's a win win situation. I get to wear clothes I'd never even think of buying. I get to try out new "styles" that I might not have considered my own. It is very amusing.

So. For this reason I will continue to be grateful for being my small, 5' 3", 113 lb self. It does have its benefits, such as free clothes...


  1. I always love to see my smaller cousins wearing my clothes. Even 14 and 15 years later, they are still in rotation. That's the fun in having 6 younger girl cousins! :) Enjoy your clothes!

  2. i have plenty of hand-me-downs from my older cousins too. sometimes, it's even new pieces that they never wear before. good - free clothes and who in the world doesnt like anything that's free!? bad - sometimes, the clothes just aint my cup of tea but i guess, better to receive something than nothing?

    i like how u think... seeing it as a chance to try out new styles! :)

  3. oh btw, it's
    thewhimsicalworld at swap-bot here!
    blog me,baby swap.

  4. I feel the same about hand me downs. I didn't get many as a child because my older cousins and I are kind of spaced out. But my mom would always bag up my old clothes for my little cousin Shereena. My son now gets hand me downs and I pass his clothes, shoes, books & toys down as well. It sure does help out at times :)

    QueenQuisa *Blog me, Baby*


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