Tuesday, August 17, 2010

I Could Live In a Tent

I think it'd be swell to...

Go and buy a piece of land.
Land 29 minutes from somewhere, brinking on the middle of nowhere.

And then I want to get a tent, or an RV. And I went to live there.

I'd love to live in a place, and raise kids, where they are more encouraged to be outside than inside.

Wouldn't it be awesome to live in a tent? Maybe not all of a year, but much of it. It's not that it'd kill me. For years people have, and still are, living without having heating or cooling in their house. Check out this tent that I'm in. There's room for a fire pit and a vent there to let the smoke out. It's large. Comfortable - and it costs less than $1,000. It's kind of mind blowing to me to think that I could buy a tent like this today and take it home.

This is just one of those dreams I have. I'm not really thinking of living in a house. I know someday I will, maybe even sooner than later, but I find a tent to be a more attractive first home than an apartment.


  1. interesting. personally, i used to want to come home to a tree house! influenced by george of the jungle... and there are still times whereby I still wish that i can have my very own tree house! :)

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  2. i wuv you magi :)

    id live in a tent with you!


Your words make me grin.

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