Sunday, December 26, 2010


Soup is comfort.
Soup is delicious.
And soup is a cheap and healthy way to eat out.

When I go out, I'm always a bit put off by the potion sizes and costs. I'm a bit of a cheap-o (thrifty?) and I have a small stomach to match my budget. That's why I rely on soup to fill me up when I'm out and about and obliged to purchase food (normally I pack a lunch).

This week I had French Onion Soup at Red Robbin and Avgolemono at Costa's. Both were delicious and satisfied me until late in the evening.

They're also a lot healthier.

Red Robbin, I only got a third of the calories as my friend who got a mondo burger which I'm sure was delicious - but it had over 25 to 30 more grams of fat than it is recommended you get in a single day. I'm not on a diet or anything, but I do like to eat a bit healthy. I had some carrots in my backpack to supplement the soup and I was good to go!

During the school year I am known by many of my mates for my thermos that I lug around. It's usually filled with some soup I heated up right before I headed out the door. I have a good supply of Pacific Natural Soups that I adore. They're organic and I can pronounce all the ingredients! So many flavours to choose from and it usually comes to about $0.70 a meal (as opposed to $3 for a cup of soup in a shop).

Love soup. Love soup. Love.


I'd say I'm a regular gamer.

Just this week I've played everything from Apples to Apples to Bananagrams to Fluxx to Scrabble to Go Fish to Jenga to Catch Phrase.

I love me a good game and I love the mates I have who like games as much as I.

Finger Puppets

Holy smokes --- finger puppets are awesome!
Sorry, I know I ought to be moving my interests on to something more mature, but those puppets fit in my box oh-so-perfectly and I've found that they can turn any mood into delight by just sliding them onto my finger.

Frohe Weihnachten

Merry Christmas from the Huberts... and the Noyeses, Baskins, and a Hendriksen.

This Christmas was, well, as Christmasy as usual. I thoroughly enjoyed my time with the family as well as a new addition and our honoured guest.

New addition? Daniel Baskin! He and Amanda got married just this July. Welcome, Daniel. While we considered you a member before, now it's official.

Honoured guest? Sir Michael Hendriksen of Australia. I met Michael 6 days ago at Cupcake Royale on Capital Hill because of my uncontrollable desire to touch his velvet blazer and an impulse fueled by the rich frosting of my cupcake. Anyways, long story short (which in actuality is quite short to begin with) he's in the Americas for his Summer break - which includes December 25. He didn't have a family to celebrate with (hostels don't count as family) so we were thrilled to have him join the Hubert clan for a full 8 hours.

Our time was filled with jam sessions (you missed out - it was pretty rad), juggling (thank you Michael - that was one of the finest gifts you could give), silly string, Russian tea, Go Fish (nope, er, go fish), jacketed potatoes (and crying pigs), gifts (warm rice bags! dark chocolate!), Jesus (has a birthday), awkward family photos (the book), group hugs (they're warmer than rice bags), exchange students (Vietnam, China, and Bolivia), and a few buckets of laughter.

Anyways, it was a beautiful way to wrap the year of 2010.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

150 Miles

Thursday: Not so great. Called Joelle. Decided to meet up.
Friday: Rode bike. Packed. Traveled 46 miles by bus to Tacoma. 29 miles by car with Joelle to Olympia. Existed. Leah. Anthony's. Joe & Sam. Stretch and laugh.
Saturday: Morning with Joelle. 29 miles by car to Tacoma. 46 miles by bus. Walked 0.7 miles to the Burke home. Crafted. Delighted. Home by 7:56 PM.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

R.I.P. Oliver

SPD Checklist: An Ongoing Series

There's a dandy checklist out there. They call it the Adolescent & Adult SPD Checklist.

Over the next few months, I'm going to be exploring it, item by item, and blogging about it as I do. This is a time to reflect on what it is that makes up my SPD symptoms.

This will be a time for me to look back on those Maggie-moments and see what might have been me just being me, and what might have been influence by my SPD (which is still me).

We'll see how it goes.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Everytime the telephone rings I want to scream and hide.
I want to kick the callers and have no desire to hear their voice.

I hate the telephone. It makes my stomach wind up, curl up, screw it's self into a ball. It makes me never want to come out of my bedroom because then, well, then I'm closer to the ring.

Genuine loathing is what I have for that ringing telephone that sits in the living room, kitchen, the L-Room, the studio, my parent's room, and the basement family room.

That is why I like mobile phones. I have mine on silent all the time. If someone calls, I don't know until I choose to check it. Then I can call them back in my free time

Medless Maggie

I usually don't take my meds unless I have to.

Have to means I'm going to school.
Have to means I need to sit and pay attention to words for more than an hour.
Have to means if I don't understand those words, I'm toast.
Have to means I can't afford to space out.
Have to means an essay needs to get done.
Have to means a test is to be taken.

And, this lovely fall break I've had, I haven't had to do any of the above [as a student, mind you].

I rely heavily, heavily upon my agenda to keep things straight. I didn't write something in it and ended up missing a babysitting job for the first time. It was so embarrassing and I felt awful. Lesson learned? Any event goes immediately into the agenda. Just the act of writing it down gets it in my brain better.

Life is a bit more unorganized me as I live med-less. My room gets messy. But I rely on those moments of hyper-concentration that come with my ADHD to get it super clean every week or so.

When I go to the city of Seattle, that's where my impulsiveness shines through. Please, please don't let my mom know how friendly I am in Seattle. I give high fives and sing songs to everyone I see on the streets. I make conversation with the homeless and never shy away from giving hugs. I dance with the street music makers. I twirl when I feel it. The city, a fair of sensory imput, fills me up and I just have to move with it. I run, jump, dance. Love you Seattle! With my meds, I walk through like any other sullen business man, but without my meds there is no second thought to being myself.

Thinking processes are all over the board without those meds. My thoughts have gone from a bit more linnear to a spiral-web-splatter-paint pattern. With this going on in my head, I can very, very often find people laughing with me. Always laughing with me. Meeting new people is fun and it does't take long to get them laughing. For me, it's just my thought process. For them, it's the unexpected that brings on laughter.

I've been getting myself outside quite a bit, just as an output for all that I've got in me. I've ridden my bike in the dark and rain three times this week and love it. I walk everywhere. Bus everywhere. Skip when needed.

That's just about life. God has blessed me with this fall break time and I have enjoyed it to the fullest. Life without meds is always a bit different, but I feel like I am well enough equipped to handle it.

But when next quarter starts, well, it will be hello-medication and good-bye-splatter-paint.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Front Page of MSN - I See Me

I was ever so pleased to wake up and see my smiling face on the front page of MSN this morning.

Friday, December 10, 2010

#6 Geocach-enture

After mob-practice, Ray took me on my first geo-cacheing adventure.

DUDE! Why hadn't I known how awesome this is?!

#5 Trans-Siberian Orchestra Conc-enture

Michael and I saw TSO live in concert.
The Christmas season has officially begun.... now.

#3 Umbrell-enture

Did yet another flash mob.

This one was to the Glee mash-up of Singing in the Rain and Umbrella.


#4 Swiss Mat-enture

I got to see my dear Swiss Mate Julia!

She and I went to the same school in Switzerland, Kantonsschule Obwalden, in 2007-2008.

Last time I saw her was around November 2009.

Anyways, she's been a'stayin' in Vancouver, B.C. for a bit and she had time to come down for a weekend.

I was excited to see her.

#2 Nat-enture

Nate is back.
Just for a bit - but he's back.

He was gone to Hawaii and India and other places for around 6 months.
He's going to do a circle around the globe for a year.

But for around a month, I got to see my old friend.

Adventures with Nate are hills in Everett, old postcards, Brad Stein, and existing.

Have to admit, can't wait till he comes back in a year.

#1 Tent-Venture

I've been MIA from my blog for a bit and many adventures have happened since. Adventures or stories. Anyways, I'm going to post 10 of the most recent ones that happened starting with this one.

I met Papa Duck and Aunt Dolphin on a hike up Little Si back on March 5, 2010 (exactly 9 months ago). On that date, my friends and I had picked them up from what was then Papa Duck's home (it wasn't Aunt Dolphin's then, but now it is). I had seen his garage roof and asked if slept on it. He said he hadn't and I inquired as to if I could sleep on it soon.

Yes, yes, I could, he told me.

Via Facebook, I was alerted of an upcoming party at their house.

"Old Weird America Dance Party & Derek's Birthday!" on December 4, 2010.

I asked Papa Duck if perhaps someone could walk me to the bus stop that evening or something and he reminded me that I could always sleep on the roof.

So I did.

I was in Seattle for the entire weekend with events happening around Capital Hill, Pioneer Square, Westlake Center, Boeing Field, and Eastlake. I had on a giant backpacking backpack with my tent strapped on. Over four people asked me if I was homeless, that weekend.


I even kept it on during the Flash Mobs.

Anyways, I got to the Mole House Saturday evening and set up camp.

One of the greatest things about my tent is that it is one person - so no one else can go inside it.

"Can I come in there and sit with you?" someone asked that night.
"Nope," said I. And it was all for the better. "There's no room."

I adore my tent. I love my tent! I enjoy sleeping in my tent.
I like sleeping in my tent.
It is one of my favourite investments I've made. It's altogether light, a quick set up, and just my size. It only fits one person, and that's all that will ever sleep in it.

Keeps me dry.
Doesn't keep me warm, though -- but Chloe's old snowpants did.

In total, I slept in....

3-4 layers of pants.
3-4 layers of shirts.
(I have Raynauds and if I don't protect my core, my circulation is gone in my toes and fingers and a pain to get back).
Two blankets and a sleeping bag.

The blankets were supplied by Papa Duck. The sleeping bag by another guest, Brandon. Brandon heard I was looking for a sleeping bag and he had left his at the Mole House already and let me take it for the night. I was so grateful! Without it, I think I would have (literally) freezed.

It was a chilly night - but covering up my face kept the heat in.

I woke up just a few times during the night.
Always felt safe.

Got up at 9:01.

10 fingers.
10 toes.

What a night.
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