Sunday, December 26, 2010

Frohe Weihnachten

Merry Christmas from the Huberts... and the Noyeses, Baskins, and a Hendriksen.

This Christmas was, well, as Christmasy as usual. I thoroughly enjoyed my time with the family as well as a new addition and our honoured guest.

New addition? Daniel Baskin! He and Amanda got married just this July. Welcome, Daniel. While we considered you a member before, now it's official.

Honoured guest? Sir Michael Hendriksen of Australia. I met Michael 6 days ago at Cupcake Royale on Capital Hill because of my uncontrollable desire to touch his velvet blazer and an impulse fueled by the rich frosting of my cupcake. Anyways, long story short (which in actuality is quite short to begin with) he's in the Americas for his Summer break - which includes December 25. He didn't have a family to celebrate with (hostels don't count as family) so we were thrilled to have him join the Hubert clan for a full 8 hours.

Our time was filled with jam sessions (you missed out - it was pretty rad), juggling (thank you Michael - that was one of the finest gifts you could give), silly string, Russian tea, Go Fish (nope, er, go fish), jacketed potatoes (and crying pigs), gifts (warm rice bags! dark chocolate!), Jesus (has a birthday), awkward family photos (the book), group hugs (they're warmer than rice bags), exchange students (Vietnam, China, and Bolivia), and a few buckets of laughter.

Anyways, it was a beautiful way to wrap the year of 2010.

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