Sunday, December 26, 2010


Soup is comfort.
Soup is delicious.
And soup is a cheap and healthy way to eat out.

When I go out, I'm always a bit put off by the potion sizes and costs. I'm a bit of a cheap-o (thrifty?) and I have a small stomach to match my budget. That's why I rely on soup to fill me up when I'm out and about and obliged to purchase food (normally I pack a lunch).

This week I had French Onion Soup at Red Robbin and Avgolemono at Costa's. Both were delicious and satisfied me until late in the evening.

They're also a lot healthier.

Red Robbin, I only got a third of the calories as my friend who got a mondo burger which I'm sure was delicious - but it had over 25 to 30 more grams of fat than it is recommended you get in a single day. I'm not on a diet or anything, but I do like to eat a bit healthy. I had some carrots in my backpack to supplement the soup and I was good to go!

During the school year I am known by many of my mates for my thermos that I lug around. It's usually filled with some soup I heated up right before I headed out the door. I have a good supply of Pacific Natural Soups that I adore. They're organic and I can pronounce all the ingredients! So many flavours to choose from and it usually comes to about $0.70 a meal (as opposed to $3 for a cup of soup in a shop).

Love soup. Love soup. Love.

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