Friday, December 10, 2010

#1 Tent-Venture

I've been MIA from my blog for a bit and many adventures have happened since. Adventures or stories. Anyways, I'm going to post 10 of the most recent ones that happened starting with this one.

I met Papa Duck and Aunt Dolphin on a hike up Little Si back on March 5, 2010 (exactly 9 months ago). On that date, my friends and I had picked them up from what was then Papa Duck's home (it wasn't Aunt Dolphin's then, but now it is). I had seen his garage roof and asked if slept on it. He said he hadn't and I inquired as to if I could sleep on it soon.

Yes, yes, I could, he told me.

Via Facebook, I was alerted of an upcoming party at their house.

"Old Weird America Dance Party & Derek's Birthday!" on December 4, 2010.

I asked Papa Duck if perhaps someone could walk me to the bus stop that evening or something and he reminded me that I could always sleep on the roof.

So I did.

I was in Seattle for the entire weekend with events happening around Capital Hill, Pioneer Square, Westlake Center, Boeing Field, and Eastlake. I had on a giant backpacking backpack with my tent strapped on. Over four people asked me if I was homeless, that weekend.


I even kept it on during the Flash Mobs.

Anyways, I got to the Mole House Saturday evening and set up camp.

One of the greatest things about my tent is that it is one person - so no one else can go inside it.

"Can I come in there and sit with you?" someone asked that night.
"Nope," said I. And it was all for the better. "There's no room."

I adore my tent. I love my tent! I enjoy sleeping in my tent.
I like sleeping in my tent.
It is one of my favourite investments I've made. It's altogether light, a quick set up, and just my size. It only fits one person, and that's all that will ever sleep in it.

Keeps me dry.
Doesn't keep me warm, though -- but Chloe's old snowpants did.

In total, I slept in....

3-4 layers of pants.
3-4 layers of shirts.
(I have Raynauds and if I don't protect my core, my circulation is gone in my toes and fingers and a pain to get back).
Two blankets and a sleeping bag.

The blankets were supplied by Papa Duck. The sleeping bag by another guest, Brandon. Brandon heard I was looking for a sleeping bag and he had left his at the Mole House already and let me take it for the night. I was so grateful! Without it, I think I would have (literally) freezed.

It was a chilly night - but covering up my face kept the heat in.

I woke up just a few times during the night.
Always felt safe.

Got up at 9:01.

10 fingers.
10 toes.

What a night.

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