Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Back At School

Warning: Mundane post. Posted for documentation purposes only. Not for your enjoyment. Nor interest. Unless you like routines as much as I do...

I am back at school (full course load - 15 credits) and loving it.
Thoroughly loving it.

I figured that, after a full year of this school, the novelty of it all would have worn off but that is not yet the case. I still look forward to each day.

Part of the reason why school is so good to me is the routine. Here's what my daily school schedule has looked like since the 3rd:

6-6:30 AM - Wake up and either tidy up room, eat breakfast, or reset alarm to 7 AM.

7 AM - Time for the day to start. Preparing for the day and walking, mentally, through the day's upcoming activities multiple times.

8 AM - Walk out the door. 1 mile walk to the bus stop.

8:15 AM - Arrive at bus stop early, chat with Kelsey or Lisa.

9:04 AM - Arrive at school. Socialize or meander until 9:20.

9:20 AM - Enter first classroom, Economics. Set out pencil cup (keep them in a mason jar), water, agenda, piece of notebook paper, and check that my homework is there. Talk to my neighbors around me and try to get each one to smile.

10:15 AM - Make sure I understand exactly what my homework is for that night. Reiterate. Say it out loud. Write it out. Reconfirm.

10:20 AM - Next class, logic. Repeat process.

11:20 AM - Official school hours are over. Head over to the library to power through as much homework and reading as possible.

And this is where the day varies from seeing friends, to going to SANCA for the German Wheel, to biking, to heading home. My meds wear off by 1 PM so I try and get all my homework done by then. After 1, it's almost a useless attempt (but I have my backup meds I can take if needed)

Around 9 PM - Start thinking about bed.

9:30 PM - Start the bedtime routine.

And hopefully I'm in bed between 10 and 10:30 PM.

My body benefits from lots of sleep.

Anyways, this quater will be awesome. Already meeting lots of new friends and getting reacquainted with new ones.

My teachers are wonderful and understanding. I am prepared to go to them if I need extra help.

I am also working on doing my homework ahead of time. So far, this has been working well. My agenda is my lifeline.

Stoked for this quarter.
I am determined to not get left behind.

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