Thursday, January 27, 2011

Dear ____________.

This boy is not on Facebook. Yes. I know you want to hug him now. It's the sweater.

This is something I've had on my mind.
But haven't put on Facebook.

Because human beings are sensitive and think they're being attacked and... BLASFHSKDLJFSKDLJFLSDKJ.

So if I put it on Facebook, I am afraid I am afraid specific people would think was writing specifically to them. Yeah. Now I feel a bit coward like...


I am sick, sick of folks doing things in this format:

I know that ____________________ but _________________ so please ________________.
Love. Me."

They write to fried chicken.
They write to Facebook.
They write to teachers.
They write to glue sticks.
They write to (this one REALLY gets me) DRIVERS IN OTHER CARS.

And then they do what? Post it on Facebook.

This is an outrage!

First off, they aren't really thinking, "Dear _______." They are thinking more on the lines of, "You lame ol' _________."

Second, they're sending it to the world instead of who/what they really want to hear it. What does that do? Make them feel good, like they did something? They did nothing. Facebook is creating a senseless lazy generation who thinks that a few likes is an accomplishment or confirmation that they have friends or even an identity.

Third, they actually think all 942 friends of theirs on Facebook care.
Sad thing is, some do.

Fourth, all it is is complaining. Period. Complaining on Facebook? Irks. It irks me.


I don't have a fifth. I am too upset right now.

I am going to go beat up some small animals.

Dear Glue Stick,
I really need you to stop being so sticky so I can get my homework done.

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