Saturday, January 8, 2011

Getting Physical

I stepped on the scale to make sure all was well with my body.

"Wait... what?"

My body weight was lower than normal. Much lower.

This ain't no New Years resolution, this is merely me staying active and my body loving it.

Lately I've been getting a whole lot more exercise in.

The top way I get it in is through biking to my destinations. It's ideal because I have to keep going once I start, there's no backing down or getting "too tired." In addition, it's in my target heart rate zone and usually it takes me around 30-50 minutes to get to a destination. The perfect amount of time to excercise.

Cycling is addicting. After biking frequently, I go nuts when I take a few days off.

Lately, biking has been either cold, icy, or rainy. Biking on ice was an unfamiliar experience for me but I think I've almost got it down. I find that I only need a t-shirt and sweatshirt when cycling, even in negative temperatures (negatives in Celsius).

I got in 20 miles of riding yesterday including my first trip through the heart of downtown Seattle.

Then there's circus school, I've started, at SANCA. I now do the German Wheel there. Try moving a 200 pound steel wheel with your body and controlling it. It takes a bit of effort and I'm loving it.

Contra dancing! That's Friday nights and a few hours of solid spinning, jumping, weaving, and twisting. Guaranteed to get you sweaty within minutes. I can't get enough of it.

Babysitting. When I babysit, I crawl, jump, pick up kids, and dance for hours. I use babysitting as an excellent excuse to move move move. Just last night me and the girl I've sat since she was three weeks danced for at least 50 minutes solid.

Anyways, it's been delightful having so many excuses to move and exercise. Absolutely love it. Stories to come...

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