Sunday, January 9, 2011

Pretzel Necklaces, Forest Concerts, and 139 Days

[12/11/10] - Vera Project/Hollow Earth Radio DIY Holiday Fair

Here is the story of when I ran into this dude that I didn't know I had met but when I showed him my notebook, apparently he had written his name in it 139 days ago in Olympia.

This Christmas's DIY Fair kept me busy for 3 solida hours. It was delightful!

Anyways, one of the first booths I stopped by was that of Bicycle Records ( After talking to the guy who is half of the partnership that runs Bicycle Records, he mentioned he lived in Olympia. I spoke up of the joys of that place and he asked if I had been to any concerts there.

In Oly?
Had I?

"...there was this concert in a forrest..." I said. It was pretty obscure and I doubted that every soul out of Olympia had known about it.

That's when the conversation came to life.

He clicked in - "were there these two dudes making loud music?" (I forget exactly what he said -- so we'll just have to go with what I think I remember)

"Yeah!" I said, as I reached into my box to pull out my notebook where I remembered that one of the members of the band had written their band name is.

"Was the name of the band..." he began.

And as I opened the page, he said the name of the band written on it.

"Fall of Electricity."

"Wait," I said, "You're name's Ross -- and it's right here --- you wrote in my notebook!"

Yep. That dude had already written in my notebook.
He had written his name, his bands name, and another bands name.

And here he was again.

So he ate some pretzels off of my pretzel necklace.

And I'm still surprised because there are a whole lot of concerts, and a whole lot of bands, and I've only heard a few in Oly and the coincidence of running into the one dude who wrote in my notebook at the fair, well, that's just kinda crazy...

( - 139 days ago in the forest)

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