Monday, January 24, 2011

Running On the Bus

One of the biggest perks of riding the bus is the folks I get to run into.

And if running into people was really, well, running into them -- I would be a very hurt person from all of those collisions.

Here are a few shots I've collected in less than a month of folks I've ran into on the bus and already known. This is only a portion. Sometimes I forget to document. Usually not, though.

Sometimes, I just get the feeling I'll run into someone I know when I hop on a bus. Does that ever, ever happen when you get into a car? I sure hope not. I would be much creeped out if, say, Chris was in the backseat of my car (which I do not) when I got into it late on a Thursday night in Georgetown.

I'll post some of the captions I used, too, with the shots when they were slammed on Facebook. So it might get repetitive on the bus-running-bam theme.

[dec 19 10] - Running Bus

Bus rides are for running into people -- something that is very dangerous if you do in a car. If you run into someone in a car, then they can get hurt. If you run into someone on a bus, though, you're likely to get a short conversation.

I don't know this kid, but I do know his name and face and that his father unit had cancer.

So I was curious -- how was his dad?


No response.
Guess it wasn't him.

Three minutes later.


He turned his head. Must be him.

Inquired and...
Yes! His father is doing well. Cured, in fact! All better. Cancer is gone. That is the greatest news I could ever get on a bus ride, I think. Probably top of the charts for busnews.

[stoic pose] in action.

(if I had been thinking I would have moved more to get a better reflection framed in the window and not half cut off his hands...)

[dec 20 10] - In Transit

Running into another Sound Transit regular, Chris[topher].

Bus rides are long enough to catch up. Ask how life is. How the lives of others are. And then say good bye.

Chris is wearing normal pants.

He also has identical taste in water as I. 250 mL bottles of San Pellegrino

[jan 23 11] - 522

Rode the bus.
Then there was Austin.

I don't think I've held a conversation with him in around a year since we were both at Red Square at the same time during Winter Quarter 2010.

We used to eat lunch together daily. And we were in the same clan of Prom-Kids who went to Dick's and rode in the Previa.

[jan 13 11] - Bus Bus Bus - That's a Triple Bus For Ya

Ran into another person on the bus because that is just what busses are for.

In this case, it was the well-postured Miles.
I don't know his name. But I bet I could get it within 8 seconds by just typing in Miles into the Facebook search. I'm guessing there aren't many Miles that I share an abundance of mutual friends with.

Let's see.

He was the third one listed.
First listed was Miles San**** (12 mutual friends) and then Miles Chel*** (10 mutual friends).

In third was Miles L***** (mit 5 gemeinsame Freunde).

Our connection is S****** Community College. He's with the Ebbtide. That could mean he was or he is with the Ebbtide. I don't know at the moment.

He was on his way home from working at the toy shop. We both wrote postcards to Alyson. Overall, productive bus trip.

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