Monday, February 7, 2011

Can Get There On My Own

There’s a keen sense of power knowing I can get myself from Point A to Point B without the assistance of anyone – and that I can do it for free.

Hop the bike.
Tie up my shoes.

And I’m off.

At what point do I consider a trip to be beyond normal or doable without second thoughts?

Walking, 4 miles is acceptable. That takes me an hour which is a reasonable journey to get anywhere. That, however, keeps me constricted to a 4 mile radius from my house. I can easily get to Bothell, Mountlake Terrace, Juanita, and even Woodinville a few times (12. 5 miles round trip).

Biking – my regular weekly trips I’ve taken have been either 13 or 16 miles each way. The 13 mile trip I would do to and from and the 16 mile was just one way (because to get home from that location, it would be at night, through downtown Seattle, and 20 miles home).

There are times when biking and walking can’t get me where I need to go, though. That’s where the beloved public (or private, sometimes?) transportation comes in. Then, I guess that's getting around with the aid of something - but I'm not tied to it (if you drive a car to a location, you have to take it with you to the next location and it's with you for the day).

Metro? Sound Transit? Community Transit? Amtrak?

So good!

Only one I’m not highlighting is Greyhound. Not keen on them.

Bus. Trains. Good deal. You pay less then what gas, car costs, and insurance would cost. You get on and someone actually drives you to where you need to go.

The only complaint is I can’t be in charge of my punctuality.
That bothers me. Greatly.

I like being on time. I like to be early. And often, the bus is late. That can be uncomfortable.

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