Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Exercising With Extra Weight

[feb 21 11] - No Wonder Overweight People Don't Like to Excercise

The pack on my backpack weighs 31.5 lbs total. It's full of everything from a bag of flour to 10-Grain Hot Cereal to San Pellegrino to a sleeping bag to my tent to clothes to last me a night and a day to...

It's a full pack.

Anyways, I had a lovely time walking home from the bus stop with the pack on. Didn't bother me - it just made me work a bit harder as it is 27.6% of my own body weight. My legs worked more and my lungs enjoyed it.

Fortunate for me, it was only 1 mile - 259 feet of elevation gain. The highest grade was 24%.

This got me thinking, though. See, there are plenty of people out there my height who weigh as much as me plus my backpack put together (and I'm not talking muscle weight, here). That must be exhausting to have to carry that weight all the time. No wonder they don't feel like exercising - which leads to a heavier weight which leads to less exercising. If you're not used to moving and then when you move it feels like what I went through, then I would understand the lack of motivation to continue on twisting and wiggling.

Also - when I have my backpack on, I am much much much wider than I am without it. Then I see what it's like to be obese on a bus. It would not be fun. I feel absolutely awful if I hit someone with my tent so I'm careful not to...

Instrument is in hand because I like to dance with the pack on my back.

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