Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Jesus Christ vs Stale Relationships

I'm not sure this blog post will even make sense. I'm hoping I will be able to express what's going on in my mind and in the real world. We'll see how this goes.

Friendships get stale.
Friendships fade.
They die.
And it's weird.
It's nice.

I just don't know.

My high school friendships never meant a lot to me. They were things, items I clinged to during that time period as a source of amusement but, really, I think it was just a pathetic attempt to not spend six hours of my day feeling alone in a school of 1,700 students.

I believe my documentations of school days and other people's lives was a meager attempt to convince myself I had one.

I don't reckon I ever really fit in.
And that's ok.
Maybe that's the way it always will be. Ought to be.
We're not to consider the world our home anyways. It's all temporary down here.

The time I invested in those friendships of high school was for temporary amusement.

Now in looking at that, I can take a step back and look at real life. Can what I learned in high school be applied to the bigger picture?


If I can't take what I learn in one situation and apply it to another, all of those lessons are for naught.

These earthly relationships with other human beings are just for the moment. My time invested in them should not merely be for my own gain and pleasure. I should be seeking out opportunities to serve other humans, following Christ's example. My time with friends shouldn't just be so I can feel like I'm not alone.

What matters is my relationship with Christ. If only I had spent more time pursuing him instead of the world. Imagine what could have happened. What he could have done with that time. Yes, he used that time to form me, who I am. I matured and grew -- but, what if I had sought him above all else? What if I had put the effort into that relationship instead of these temporary, meaningless unfulfilling ones with my fellow humans?

I am not meaning to imply that friendship and fellowship are bad. Without them, our time on earth would have little purpose or value. But I put them in front of Jesus which is totally skewed.

Christ first.

After all, my identity is in him.
After all, he has never let me down.

And he has never flaked out on me - my greatest pet peeve, that which irks me above all else.

He's reliable. Responsible. Encouraging. Wise.

Ultimate friend.

Jesus Christ.


  1. This is something I keep learning and relearning.

    To add onto what you wrote, one of the greatest feelings is just knowing how faithful he is, despite our faithlessness.
    Recently, I was having such a crummy day. People who usually were friendly to me were irritated with me, I was irritated with people. Things just weren't going my way. But then I realized that I had someone in my life, despite how inconsistent people and the world was, who was always and ever faithful. An unchanging God! The God of Abraham and Isaac, the God who made the universe, He is my God! And He is the same today as he was yesterday! At that moment I felt an enormous sense of relief and a huge burden off my back. It was like I was bearing all my problems but he just lifted it all. Then I said to myself, "Not knowing God must be tough."


Your words make me grin.

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