Sunday, March 20, 2011

Reflections on Austin (where I continue to obsess over the weather)

I've made it through four days in Austin.

Wait, I need to rephrase that. That sounds like I have to be here and it's a struggle.

Four glorious days in Austin have breezed by and left me with fistfuls of memories and a memory card loaded with photographs

My thoughts have tendencies to leap to "Could I ever live here?" thoughts when I visit other locations. And to live somewhere means I have to leave Seattle.

I don't mean to compare to Seattle in a means of saying what is better and who's best, that'd be a pretty awful attitude to enter a city with, but I do so as a means of having a foundation for my observations.

The weather is what my mind obsesses over. Going from solid-Seattle grey skyes to the ever-blue warmness of Austin is something that will never get old.

I've heard many a tale of the infamous summer of 2010 in Austin. A summer with over 68 days of weather over 100 degrees. Let's compare this to August 2010 in Seattle. Our average temperature was just 65 degrees. The warmest it got was 96 - which I missed because I was in Utah.

Anyways, I just don't think I could live in a a city that got that hot. I love my rain.

Right now in Seattle (it's currently 8:12 PM) it is 8°C (47°F).
In Austin it is 10:12 PM and it is 21°C (71°F).

I would take this 21°C weather any day. It's the perfect warm. I can walk in it without being uncomfortable and wear a skirt from morning till night without getting a chill. I feel pretty blessed I got to see Austin, in my opinion, at it's best.

Austin has so far left a giddy impression on me. See, the first time I was in Texas, it was genuinely one of the 3 bottom worst days in my life. I was coming back from living in Switzerland for a year and I wanted nothing less for my first exposure to America to be in the airport in Houston, Texas. Those emotions have carried me on since 2008 and it felt good to let them go. I know it sounds juvenile to judge a state on its airport, but that's all I had to go off of (besides the wonderful Texans I had met in my travels).

So many wonderful people fill this state.

Mikaela, Stephen, Victorio, Steven, Amy, Jordan, Matt, Afomia, Maggie, Meg, Kiera, Joe, James, Alice, Dean, Jim, Tim, Tim, Elizabeth, Nick, Chris, and that one lovely girl...

That's what I wanted to do when I came here. I wanted to connect with the people.
Hopefully, that's what happened. I feel like it's what happened.

Austin appears to be full of opportunities with a much lower cost of living than Seattle.

From what I've heard, while a lot of the country is feeling the impact of the recession, Austin is still riding comfortably high (I haven't researched this). The transportation is close to ideal. They don't have the Orca card - but a day pass is only $2.

Did you read that? Only $2 for a full day of travel. For me to go to circus school and back can be either $5 round trip with an Orca card or up to $10 without the card. An Orca card is a card you can load up with money and use as you go about with the transit of the area. It takes care of transfers and allows me to go seamlessly from transit system (Sound Transit) to transit system (Metro) to transit system (Washington State Ferries). Who needs that when you've got Capital Metro Transit in Austin? $2 is cheaper than any one stretch of traveling in Seattle. I'm jealous.

This is turning into a mind slurry from idea to idea and I think I might halt here. Wonder if anyone followed along.

Austin has delighted me - and I wish I had a few more days left to explore. Currently I have tomorrow and the day after until I've got to jump on the aeroplane for Seattle.

I'm not quite ready for that.

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  1. I'm considering moving to Austin.

    Austin or Athens.

    I need to live somewhere sunny.

    I hate the gray skies and humidity in Rochester, NY.

    I need a change... so Austin. Or Europe?

    But I will be in Seattle for JULY!!


Your words make me grin.

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