Friday, June 3, 2011

Clothed in Memories

[june 3 11] - Clothing Memories

My favourite items of clothing are those with memories or people attatched to them.

In this photograph, every piece of clothing shown had a story to it beyond "I went to H&M and got these socks."

The necklace was crafted for me by my incredible, dear, longest-ever, knows-me-best-best-friend Carole Bronson. She is one of the most selfless people I know and full of zeal!

The vest was purchased for a buck in Olympia with my jubilant, twist-and-shout friend of many miles Joelle Friend. Even though she lives a wee bit of a distance, we still manage to run into each other most months. This was froma surprise visit I got to make with school to Olympia. She met me at the Capital and we got a short bit of time together.

The shirt was from an exchange in the Dick's parking lot during a 23 hour encounter with the memorable-upside-down-facial-haired-thick-sideways-hugged-Irish friend for a day from Colorado Andrew Cardella for a map jacket.

Each time I pull each item on, I get a bucket of memories with them. Attached to all of them are joyous feelings and little aids for day dreaming.

Not pictured is the pants from the boy who travels onwards and upwards, Patrick.

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