Saturday, June 11, 2011

The Day I Decided to Fix My Bike

I'd been told a few things about my bike. Maybe the chain was loose. Perhaps the derailer was funky. The whole thing was mangled (??) and I was supposed to just get a new one...

Whatever it is - the verdict was that my bike was not fit to ride the distances I required of it.

And it frustrated me. Because biking is how I like to get around. Give me a good bike and I can rack up the miles.

So I had this advice from males who know stuff about how things work.. They pretty much told me my bike was crap and to get a new one. But I decided I wanted to make my bike work that day. I was impatient and wanted to ride it then. I didn't want to buy parts. I didn't want to find a new bike. I just wanted it fixed.

I turned it over and for a solid hour I tinkered away. Scratched. Scraped. Bent. Twisted.

The problem was very basic... and what no one had mentioned to me.

And in the end, I was covered in grease and very, very content.
And I fixed it.
And proceeded to ride it around from Kenmore to Juanita to Mountlake Terrace to Seattle for 33 miles in less than 24 hours following...

Take that, bike. I fixed you!

I'm still told I need to buy a new bike... but I don't want a new bike. I like my bike. This bike.

I tried to look at other bikes and they weren't my bike... and I couldn't really picture them becoming my bike either.

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