Friday, June 24, 2011

Plastic Bottles : Yes, I'm Judging You

Quite honestly, yes, I do judge you when I see a plastic bottle in your hands.

See, that bottle you just used for a few minutes is going to end up on this earth for a very, very long time. Probably longer than you'll be here.

And to that I say, "You're selfish, clueless, and need some guidance."

There are two routes I can, and will, take on plastic bottled beverages. An earth standpoint and a health one.



Drinks that come in plastic bottles rarely are any good for you. They are normally packed full of evil sugars and chemicals that do more harm than good. They're full of empty calories, no nutrients, and long lists of ingredients.

I came home from Colorado to find my mom had bought three cases of Lipton Diet Green Tea.
And it upset me.

First - why would you ever, ever need to label tea as diet? Tea. Calorie free.

Tea (good for you - although hopefully caffeine free and herbal/green) + Water (good for you) = Can't Go Wrong

So I looked at the label with all of its words and I sighed. I took a sip and felt gross. Not because of the ingredients but because it tasted awful! It was sour and off and didn't taste like tea at all. How can this be good for her?

What about other bottled beverages? It is very rare that a liquid convenient drink in plastic is good for you. All the actually good drinks (like unsweetened real teas, kombucha, and water) tend to come in glass jars. But in plastic comes things like coke, juice, and fake-teas. All three of those are not not not not good for you. I'd go on and on but hopefully you know that already.

If you drink pop, stop. The only pop I will drink is Rivella and I can only get that in Switzerland. It's flavoured with milk whey and delicious... but also inaccessible.

Things like coke dehydrate you and leave you wanting more. They harm the body and do more than you might know. Cut out the pop. Cut out the juice (the only juice you should be getting should be 100% juice and hopefully freshly squeezed - fruit juice should be limited to ones that are beneficial and pure).


Plastic comes from petroleum.
It's not really good to reuse disposable plastic bottles -- and we all know they'll end up in the trash anyways.

What I Do

See, I loose things -- a lot. So buying a $10 water bottle isn't very wise for me. I also hate drinking from plastic. So I've got a fleet of small glass bottles I use. The brown ones hold 2 cups of water and I manage to get around 4 bottles worth of water in me a day.

In the morning I brew some tea in a measuring cup and then pour that in to start the day off. When it's empty, I just refill.

I have yet to have one break on me and I've been using these small bottles for at least 2 years, I believe.

They clean perfectly. Have no odor. Don't absorb anything. They're smooth.

And, here's the great thing, if I loose it, it's fine! I know someone will just toss it into the recycling bin (hopefully) and it won't be a huge financial investment.

The bottles I use come from drinks I enjoy and that my body likes like kombucha and carbonated water.

The Action

I brewed up some real organic decaffeinated tea and put it in a bottle for my mom in the fridge.
That's what her body needs.
Hope she makes the switch someday. It would make me so happy!

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