Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Watching Her Grow

See this girl?

Isn't she beautiful?

For safety's sake, and to respect her privacy, I'm going to leave her nameless, wait, we can call her Sophia.

Anyways, lately, I've had the wonderful opportunity to get to know her even better. This past week we spent every afternoon together.

My history with her?

I met Sophia back around 2004 or 2005 when she was three weeks old. I was only 13 or 14 years old. Her parents hired me as their mother's helper and I started to come over two hours a week. Two hours turned to four hours, two afternoons a week.

I remember holding her until she slept, hours spent with her in my arms. I remember cleaning bottles, peeling carrots, and doing anything to help out her folks. I remember long times spent saying, "Ahhh-Ooooh," to help her learn to form words. I remember all of the games we played. I remember the first time her mother left the two of us alone.

And this continued until the Summer of 2007 when I went to Switzerland. At that point, Sophia would have been around 3-4 years old, young enough that when I came back in 2008, she barely remembered me and hid when I came to say "hi."

Now, I have to say, we're pretty legit friends again. I don't come weekly, but when her family needs someone to step in, I'm on the list of babysitters (unfortunately, I'm not the cheapest sitter on the block anymore...).

Watching her grow up has just been an incredible experience. I imagine this is only a tiny fraction of what being a parent is like.

I love watching her personality develop.

I love rolling down hills in the rain with her, having flower petal fights, picking raspberries, and getting pollen on our noses.

I like encouraging her to explore and learn and help give her those opportunities - but in turn, she's not the only one learning.

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  1. The song "Isn't She Lovely" just popped into my head after reading this. It must be so rewarding having this kind of experience. For me, whenever I experience something similar, I am reminded of our relationship with the Lord.

    "I imagine this is only a tiny fraction of what being a parent is like."
    I think these bonds, especially between parent and child, are gifts given by God. Through them, we learn "a tiny fraction" of what the unconditional love that the Lord has for us is like.

    Good post, Maggie! I've been waiting forever for your next one!!

    Also check out my new blog:
    I promise didn't post this comment so I could put in a plug for my new blog. I only created it today!


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