Thursday, August 11, 2011


I never want to stop playing.

I love kicking off my shoes, skipping around, and playing pretend. I got a pretty good dose of it for a few hours the other day for the wonderful Welsh-Filipino kids who live down the street. We were beavers. We made castles. We created a nest.

Pretending - I still have my own form of it these days.

Pretend. Daydreaming. Planning.

I love looking forward and making plans, even if they might not ever happen. I love plans for trips across the country in an old van, dreams of wandering my way across Columbia, and legitimate hopes of serving in Kentucky someday.

What's fantastic is that any of these forward-forms of thinking could actually come true.

I guess that's the difference between pretend and this present day way of dreaming I have. In pretend, it is happening in that moment and your brain slips into another state. With the future-planning, it's a narration and staging for what is to come and what is to come.

And what is fantastic is when those dreams come true
and when reality overrides anything I could have come up with in my own head.

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