Monday, August 22, 2011

Northwest (Alt) Blues Recess 2011

Another blues recess.
Yet another.

I wasn't supposed to go. I wasn't going to go.

As soon as tickets were available I snagged one... and then a few weeks later realized that I ought not to. Starting in September I will have no source of income and will be living off of what I have saved up. $130 will cover around 4 days of living for me where I'm staying.

With the Recess out of my mind, I accepted an invitation to attend Wanderlust with my dear friend of 14 years, Alex. We joined up with a large lot of automobile enthusiasts and drove up to Mount Baker.

But, you see, our route took us right by where the Recess was to be held, the Quarry. We drove by on the way up to Mount Baker (Exist 242, Exit 242).

Alex and I had planned on camping Saturday night somewhere along Chuckanut Drive. However, upon reaching Chuckanut Drive, we were informed that there was a wildfire which prevented us from getting to our destination and forced us onto a detour route. The detour took us along side roads that led us to... Exit 242.

"Take a left," I said.
"A left?" he said as he turned the car.

He thought we were headed to the open part of Chuckanut but I realized that since we were so close to the Quarry, we might as well check it out.

With 85 acres of land, perhaps Justin, the organizer, would let us crash the grounds for a night.

Upon arriving I was reintroduced to that ever so "anders" community I adore.

Just a walk down the dusty path and I was physically welcomed and filled to the brink with the excitement and goodness of the community members. It's a league of dancers all living in the name of connection and exploration.

We spotted Justin (in above photo, first photograph on the very bottom row with the umbrella), told him what was up, and were quickly "officially" enabled to be there without second-guesses.

Welcome to the Recess life.

Lounge. Laugh. Skip. Sing. Exist.

And then, night comes, we dance.


  1. Been reading your blog for quite a while, maybe i found you through that swapbot website? anyway, it's interesting you seem to be heading in the direction of my son who is also in the blues dancing community of Seattle. heehee.

  2. Dude! Thank you for reading!

    Wait.... is your son Josiah?


Your words make me grin.

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