Sunday, August 7, 2011

One of the Most Extroverted Introverts You'll Ever Meet

Believe it or not, I'm an introvert.

Think opposite? Educate yourself.

The general population seems to consider introverts to be the shy folks of society, the quiet ones who keep to themselves. If that were the definition, I would, by no means, be considered an introvert... especially based on the collection of stories people have shared with me about how they met me.

These stories I have no recollection of, but the people remember them full well. They range from me giving them a huge embrace and smelling them viciously to yelling out, "Sprichst du deutsch?" on the dance floor to clasping their feet to... they get bizarre. What is strange is that these people still desire to get to know me after such encounters.

Anyways, so I'm not shy - but I am a declared introvert. How does that work?

An introvert is someone who simply recharges by being on their own.
And that is me.
Fully me.

I need, need, need to have my time away from people each day! I call it my "me time" (sounds self-centered, now, does it?).

I crave my time alone walking or in my room. I love spending time in the library without interruptions.

And when I go out on adventures with groups, I still need it. My dear best friend Joelle understands this well. When we get together for a weekend, we still take small time breaks from each other for recovery and recharging.

This past week was especially difficult because we had three guests over. Mind you, they were lovely lovely folks, but they were always there (as they ought to be). After a day at school, I would need to come home and be alone - sometimes I couldn't get that which meant I would sort of shut down or get grumpy and distance. I needed the away time so much that it nearly came across (or perhaps it did) as being rude as I shut myself in my room for hours at a time - but that's what I had to do.

If I can't have that time to recharge, I feel peculiar and very irritable. I feel distant and anxious. I feel drained and fuzzy.

I use that alone time to sort out my thoughts, organize, clean, and get work done.

Because people see me so often-ly surrounding myself by beautiful people, they assume that I'm as extroverted as can be but it's quite on the contrary. For all the time I spend with my mates, I need time by myself alone.

I used to think of that as being a bit of a loner or anti-social but since I was educated about introverts/extroverts, I now understand and work my life around my needs to I can live life optimally.

That's it.
The introvert.

Note: This helps explain my post back in February 2010 - Closed Doors. Back then I didn't understand why I liked to be in my room with the doors closed so much. Now I understand. I like learning more about why I do the things I do.

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  1. Maggie! Can you send me those pictures of me and that attractive girl so I can post it on my non-existent facebook?
    Did Roswita tell you what we did that night? Oh my goodness... hahahahahah, if not, I need to tell you.

    Oh. Oh. Oh. How I relate to this. You have no idea... actually you probably have a better idea than most. That "me" time is so important. And after those years playing shows and being a public guy, I really needed that isolation. Dude. You get it, and that's awesome.


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