Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Tea Party -> Secret Garden -> 26 Miles for Treacle

I woke up this morning at 7:39 AM feeling terrific. My window was open and my lungs were already filled with fresh aire - already a champion of the day! And best yet? Dani was asleep in the basement.

By 10:54, she was still asleep and I had tackled most of the problems of the day and was ready for tea.

I made up a large pot, grabbed "The Secret Garden" and invited my mom to tea in my bedroom. That's when Dani woke up, so she was welcomed as well.

So the three of us had a tea and reading party in my bedroom.

All was well in the world until I got to page 21.

"A table in the center was set with a good substantial breakfast. But she had always had a very small appetite, and she looked with something more than indifference at the first plate Martha set before her. 'I don't want it,' she said.

'Tha' doesn't want they porridge!' Martha exclaimed incredulously.


'Tha' doesn't know how good it is. Put a bit o' treacle on...

And my brain was lost.

Treacle. Treacle. Treacle.

I remembered seeing treacle back in February 2007 at the British Pantry, the local British import store ( - skip to 1:31). I would have been 16.


And I decided it was time to go purchase some.

But we were in Kenmore and needed to go to Redmond... well, the trail goes there.

So we hopped on the bikes for the 13 miles there.

Found it. Bought it - along with a mince pie, some Irish butter, and Violet flavoured candies.

And 13 miles home.

All ever so worth it.

And that's how my life goes a lot of times. Think of something. Gets in my head. And the impulse that comes with it is carried out filling the day.

Turns out treacle tastes just like molasses - and it's everywhere!

Alice in Wonderland.
The Secret Garden.
Doctor Doolittle.
Pop Goes the Weasel.
Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.
even Harry Potter.

All mention treacle.

It definitely well deserves the place it will now hold in my pantry and stomach.

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  1. After reading the above post, it was time for a Wikipedia and Google excursion to find the relation of Treacle (something I know next to nothing about) to Molasses (something I vaguely remember sampling a while ago).

    Here is the free verse weirdness you inspired earlier...

    "Ginger wonder wander girl"

    You are that fabulous friend of mine
    the glowing
    tantalizing example
    of all the things I could do
    places I could go
    if I was just a
    tiny bit
    less scared
    of leaving home

    so many ties severed
    so many goodbyes said
    so many unknowns ahead

    even for someone fond of surprises
    of having something in his pocket for every situation or catastrophe
    and of exclaiming
    To hell with the map
    pick a direction
    . . .
    the idea is gargantuan
    and frightening


Your words make me grin.

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