Monday, September 5, 2011

Just A Small Town Girl - This Town Feels Small....

I love living in my town. Yes, it is a small town.

With a population of around 20,000 people, I guess we're not the tiniest lot of folks on the planet, but by German standards of a Kleinstadt (up to 20,000 people) - we're at least a small, little city.

Today, I left my home at 8:15 AM after a fulfilling family breakfast and meandered around as the sun started warming things up and my skirt swished around with each step. Swish. Swish. Swish. Swish.

Wandering down the hill. Of course the birds were out.

Across the pipeline, by the wetlands, by where the old library was (triple wide trailer - classy, I know) and ended up at our local St. Vinny's (the thrift shop) where the Labour Day Sale was happening - 50% everything in the store.

Even before 9 AM, the store was filled with other bargain hunters - my beautiful neighbors.

First person I ran into was a past close by neighbour, now distant neighbour, Carol. A 10 minute conversation followed.

Off to the sweater section I went to prepare for a fall up in Canada. As I was trying on something that made me smile, one woman came up to me (I wasn't in a dressing room) and asked if I could try on something. I was small, and apparently the right size for it. It was a simple jacket and she went so far as to button it up on me (yes, I was being dressed by a stranger). According to her, I could pull off anthing and it looked cute. Another woman joined the conversation for a short bit and then we all dispersed.

Elsewhere in the store, a woman named Doloris and I had a quick interaction as I passed her in an aisle. I had just gotten behind her and was going to say, "Excuse me," when her friend told her I was standing behind. "You could have just tapped me on the shoulder!" she said. And I told her I had only just gotten there a second ago. We smiled. Dispersed.

Later on in the store, I was greeted by another lovely lady who knew me from my volunteering at Moreken Elementary... but I forget who she is.

At the front of the store (score!) there's a grocery carte loaded up to the top with bread that went past the sell by one day. All fit for consumption. Delicious. And free. I grabbed two loaves and some whole wheat bagels.

Leaving, out-loud good-byes were said to other shoppers.

Walking around Moreken, I got to compliment a lovely older woman on her hat. It was a bit of a white bucket cap with delicate venting in the front. More smiles on both our parts.

And right before I headed up my hill, a lovely older man tipped his hat at me in a morning greeting.

The afternoon was filled with delightful conversations on a giant free quilt in the middle of the local blueberry patch/farm/acres, tree swings, and hidden trampolines.

I like where I live.

It might not technically be small - but it sure does give that small-town feel on a Monday morning.

Photograph by Megan Wiebelhaus

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