Saturday, September 10, 2011

The Most Magical Hat Story You Will Ever Read On The Internet!

Wait for it. Wait for it. You can't see the magic of the hat from this angle.

This is going to be the most wonderful hat story I think I have ever told.

Less than 48 hours before departure, life whizzing, and Alex showed up because we were going to go contra dancing.

But, you see, well, goodness, I had a headache and ever so many things to accomplish and all of a sudden I realized I wanted to go to Value Village to check out their snazzy vest selection in addition to getting Alex a non-name-branded item for his wardrobe.

Before long, my arms were filled up with goodies (including delightful pair of Born shoes that suit me perfectly, fit idyllically, looked as if they had never ever been worn, originally cost of $100, and cost me just $9.99) as we searched the racks.

The mission? Get Alex that no-logoed shirt.

The result? Maggie gets lots of vests.

And that's when I saw it. THE HAT!

OH MY GOODNESS! Is that not perfection on earth?

It was a red bowl cap with yellow trip. On each of the six sides there were 3-D embroidered animals likes snakes, a frog, a spider, and a lizard! It's insane!

And I threw it on my head and - low and behold - liked how it looked on my head.

Now what to do with a $5 price tag?

I want this hat. I want it so bad. I want ittttt.

Ok, not that bad. But, as Alex can attest to, the rest of the shopping trip was an internal struggle for me (displayed very outwardly) as whether to get the magical hat or not.

Finally I got to the checkout line, hat still clutched in my arms.

"I will not buy this hat. I will get to the line and not buy this hat... but I want this hat," I said.

The [very wise] lady in front of me said, "You should get the hat!"

And I said, "I know! I know! But it's $5 and that's a lot. Would you buy it for me?"

And then the lovely lady said, "I would pay you $5 to wear that hat."

And with that, she pulled out her wallet and handed me $5 and bought me the hat.

And I gave her a HUGE hug!

And now I have a hat.

See, I think people should take me shopping because things just always sort of end up in my arms. I don't really get how it works. I end up with free pairs of pants, skirts, dresses, shirts, shoes, and hats. If they took me shopping, maybe they'd save a lot of money if the stuff was all just given to them for free. It works with drinks too in bars. The drinks just magically show up!

And the best part is - this hat has a story to go with it! And you all know how much I love clothes with stories attached.

After that, Alex (who had a new item of clothing - a beautiful corduroy blazer) and I went to Wallingford, talked with a starving artist who called me goddess at least 8 times and wouldn't listen in a conversation and wanted to go with us wherever we went and we left him to visit my brother and give him his birthday-vest. Recently, went with Ian to get him new clothes too.

Don't both boys look ever so dapper?

Ian in his new birthday vest and Alex in the new blazer.

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